Battle of the Planets

From the archives of my youth comes Battle of the Planets. Perhaps I am showing my age, but this series was followed by my brother and I religiously. The original series; Gatchaman, was a Japanese cartoon edited by the west and repackaged for a younger audience as the original series was too violent and explicit for its target audience.

This diluting of the show didn't detract from the awesome visuals (at the time) when most children were used to awful cycle animated series such as Scooby Doo and the like. I have very fond memories of watching this on a Saturday morning and being completely enthralled by the show. Truly an iconic show which to this day has never been matched.

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Ash Ridley said...

I've also found myself in the centre of a nostalgia trip recently and have purchased the He-Man, Terrahawks, Dungeons & Dragons & Transformers DVD boxed sets. Battle Of The Planets, Starfleet & M.A.S.K are still outstanding :-)