Warped Vision

The Jovian simulation of our planetary relationship during warp is invalid. The visual representation is out dated as we see vessels pass through local stars, planets, moons or structures. A warp-drive bends time and space to create a temporary corridor in space/time by which the vessel passes, skipping millions of kilometres per second. The ship barley moves relative to the distance it traverses.

During interstellar warp one would see only the warp tunnel during the journey as light from the planets or stars would not be able to match the speed of the ship, making everything else invisible. The only light one would see would be any photons trapped within the warp tunnel at the point of creation. The image of the starting point would eventually fade, it would not be possible to see the systems objects travelling past while in warp. In addition there would be no light inside the tunnel, save for the ships, making the hulls dark, speckled with the many points of light which adorn them.

Originally there were few reasons to visit planets before Tyrannis. The powers that be may have decided to provide a frame of reference during warp, giving the impression of speed and distance. Post Tyrannis things are different; we have very good reasons to visit our celestial globes therefore there is no requirement for the fake light show to continue.

Address our warp with a tunnel and experience the wonder of warp travel as it should be, and let us choose to wander into the realm of the many beautiful giants of gas and rock typical of any system in New Eden. This would avoid the ghostly goings on when we pass through rock and steel unharmed.

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jtyler said...

Nice. Glad you posted this. I speculate often on how they can make warp-travel feel more impactful… whether it's stretching the stars in the system a la Star Wars, or a much heavier tunnel-vision like you're illustrating. I'm sure CCP would come up with something original on their own, but I agree that the current warp travel just doesn't feel very dramatic. I'd love to see the system around us actually bend and stretch as we hit accelerate, and then another dramatic shift when we burst into top speed.