Beyond Hollywood

We are in the age of dungeons and dragons. The effects industry is exclusively interested in recreating mythical creatures, elegant landscapes and magical characters. I resent this age; Sci-Fi is my first choice for passively escaping the daily grind of RL.

Cinema has a very close relationship with the status quo. It is no coincidence that the latest productions represent a 'wanting' of something better than what’s currently on offer in this age of poverty. In these late films people can perform magic and fly, whilst the dark side of life is shown through vampires and ware-wolves, each with their own fantastical powers. During the Vietnam War films tended to be disaster movies, mirroring the mood of the people by killing hundreds of souls in fires, floods and crashes of various vehicles in silly situations.

The last great Sci-Fi spell was during the release of the StarWars franchise. Although we recently enjoyed a resurgence of Sci-Fi such as Star Trek, District 9 and Sunshine; generally new releases are of a fantastical nature.

EvE Online is the richest game world I have ever experienced. Whith such abundant content I often wonder if it would be a successful translation to screen but, considering Hollywood’s often inept handling of the subject matter, perhaps it isn’t desirable to allow such a fickle business to interpret our beloved galaxy into a flimsy film. Besides, it takes months to truly understand what’s occurring in EvE Online, a luxury that filmmakers cannot afford to portray on-screen.

Recently there was an announcement that one of my all time favourite games was to be given the Hollywood treatment. The thought of various movie moguls discussing the translation of Shadow of the Colossus into a film frightens me; a simple game but with very subtle complexities that I am sure will be missed while hunting for the ultimate colossus effect. EvE Online would surely be handled in a similar ham-fisted manner, a fate for which would border on blasphemy.

If a film ever were to be produced I would be the first in the queue. Not for the reasons you may assume, but to be sure that my suspicions were correct. Who knows, perhaps the impossible could happen where I'd be pleasantly surprised, but I doubt that muchly. EvE Online is beyond Hollywood, and much better for it in my opinion.

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Mandrill said...

Until we get more than "Ships in Space" any EVE movie industry will be limited to either keeping all the action and plot in space with ship being the stars (Future Proof), or resorting to the use of other means to flesh out the plots of our movies (see Clear Skies).

This is another reason to look forward to Incarna. Imagine a feature length movie, made entirely in EVE. There are plenty of stories out there which could be translated to this Filmed-in-game medium and frankly I look forward to seeing them.

Anonymous said...

'but to be sure that my suspicions were correct.'

Ehm, dude, that is EXACTLY what every pre-movie-fan of any fiction is presumed to look the movie for.
And it works, afterall, you will see the movie.

Redundant blogger said...

It is very sad but true. Despite any bad review, if the subject matter appeals to me I will usually see the film.

As you say, this is exactly what Hollywood wants, get a pretty spaceship up there and I'm game.

However, this view doesn't stop me from wanting something with substance, it just makes me a hypocrite and I can live with that because, we're all hypocrites when obeying our desires. The very nature bypasses our integrity for the satisfaction of that one moment, when nothing matters but the glory of the visual.