How to Dissappear Completely

I have a new clone. Not a duplicate you see, but an entirely new pilot. The name of my partner in crime is to remain confidential as secrecy is absolutely necessary to function properly. The precise purpose of this new clone is to provide a safe port for myself and any other pilots whom join my cause either in wormhole space or low security regions. His mission is to train for a cloaked Rorqual with a clone vat bay.

I always had this vision of being able to wander where-ever I wished, covertly entering space from a secret mobile base, the sort where a specific password and location would be needed to locate the harbour. As far as I am aware, only the Rorqual and the Titans have the clone vat bay functionality. A Titan is much too large an object to realistically cloak, it occupies more than 9 billion cubic metres, nevermind the cost.

This new ally of mine will logon to the POD in the Rorqual, I will then logon to the POD in a local station and clone jump into the Rorqual pulling a ship from the hangar. Once ejected with a ship the Rorqual will re-cloak until such time as I need to dock again to log.

This idea is yet to be tested properly. Singularity will provide me with this ability without risks to my health or safety. I hope it works as it may fulfill a desire I've held for literally years. If anyone has tried this approach to achieving a mobile covert base of operations I would love to hear your tale.

In the mean time, let the tests begin in earnest. I will of course update as the results are discovered.

Happy hush hush…

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Anonymous said...

Just an fyi, clone vat bays do not work in wormhole space.

Escoce said...

Beyond Clone Vat Bays not working in WH-Space, you are taking an immense risk with great cost. You might be better served flying an orca, which not only can fly cloaked, but can bust gate camps as well. Fly your anonymous pilot into the space with an interceptor or covops frigate, and pick the proper ship you need from your Orca's maintenance hanger. No only that, but Rorquals can't use regular gates, they must be cyno-jumped.

I love using my Orca as my mobile base of operations, I carry all the ships I need for whatever cirumstances.

I don't use an alt however, I just dock my Orca and grab the ship I need out of it.

Read and click on the "fittings" tag to read how to fly big ships safely in unsafe spaces.

Anonymous said...

Another issue is that Rorqs can only hold industrial ships.

Redundant blogger said...

The ship class issue came to light shortly after testing. I had overlooked this restriction in the curiosity of realising the idea. This means that an Orca will be needed anyway, increasing the risk and cost considerably.

The best solution is, as you say Escoce, to use the Orca the way you described.

I guess I can still operate in a similar fashion, but without the JC ability. Perhaps that was the idea all along, according to CCP.