Life begins at 400

My mentor and oldest friend EiD enjoyed his 400th birthday today, although enjoyment was not observed on this special day. It is a trait of any ageing character to become depressed, especially as the centuries continue to increase.

Over the years EiD has been there through all turmoils and successes and has served as constant source of advice and companionship whenever needed. He is the I-A corporation and I wish him another 400 years within New Eden. Space is a much darker place should I imagine it without his brainy beacon.

To celebrate his life I prepared him a rifter so he may join me on a hunt for combat, a nod to his earlier days as a pirate and before that; a naval recruit. I'm sure that the hunt should re-awaken those tired senses and make him feel young(er).

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Flashfresh said...

Happy Birthday!