In New Eden Macro-Miners are prime pests to pillage. The damage to the economy will never truly be known but thankfully they are also very dumb. Easily identifiable as such when, exploring wrecks about a hulk I noticed a True Sansha wreck, among others with loot within. Scanning the wreck for the assailant; it was the Hulk chewing on several asteroids, oblivious to my intentions. Upon opening the wreck I found a Tech II Social Adaptation Implant worth in excess of 100 million ISK. Stealing this loot did not provoke aggravation from the owner of the wreck confirming without doubt that this Hulk was an auto-pilot.

Macro-miners are a menace, but every now and then they can reward one with profit through ignorance. It’s a shame no aggro was initiated, but if it was then a macro the pilot wasn’t. I was disappointed that a macro kill was missed, but I was thankful for the loot which has in part funded the replacement of my Command Ship lost a few days prior.

Thanks for the drop you macro-morons…

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