Tron; the Legacy

Released in 1982, Tron is still one of the most impressive technical films ever made and I doubt very much that the current Legacy film was any more of a challenge to produce in this age of digital image manipulation. For this reason I have huge respect for the team that produced the original film way back before this digital age.

Tron has not aged well to our expectations of special effects, but I firmly believe that its depiction of a videogame world is much more successful than Legacy. Having seen the new Tron film today, in 3D (the latest gimmick to warrant a 50% increase in ticket cost) I was blown away by the crisp clean and flawless visuals but, and this is a personal choice, I prefer the Tron that flickers, bulges and clips throughout, it's those flaws that made the film completely dreamlike and otherworldly, just the way it should.

Don't forget the original Tron, it was a milestone in movie making and has never since been matched in ambition or significance to its medium.


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