To Infinity; Beyond EvE Online

EvE Online is attractive to me in many ways, but as far as I'm concerned, its glaring flaw is that it doesn't use physical laws to define parameters and create diverse situations or use any part of cosmology to inspire its content. Every single palpable or use-able thing in EvE Online is man-made.

Infinity is as close a successor as I've seen to the most impressive technical game I've ever played: Frontier; Elite II, which simulated the laws of gravity, solar system orbits, it even had stars as big as 100 suns.

CCP could do much worse than take note.

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Anonymous said...

It's too big. 200-500b planets? That sounds good, but then you realize at BEST you have 6b people playing the game. What about the 194b other planets? You're never going to bump into another person. All the spelling errors make me think this is fake. Just me?

Redundant blogger said...

The game is real - I chose this video as it shows all the elements in a single play despite the muddled grammar.

As the galaxy and all that's contained therein is generated procedurally, there is a minimal hit on the server so the game world can be as massive as it's inspiration.

But as far as mechanics go, there's no substitute for real physics, something that CCP loves to ignor.

Redundant blogger said...

I've added a link to the developers site for the faithless...