Fee Free

PLEX’s are the vehicle with which a lowly pilot can frolic in the quantum foam for free, no real fee required except for the millions of iskiez required to purchase PLEX. I'll concede that the idea of clerical grinding; speculation, acquisition, invention and harvesting maybe a tad tedious, but it means that I'll continue to roam unhindered by external financial constraints.

I've discovered that planetary pillaging has been able to contribute 50% of the required funds for a 30 day PLEX; the rest coming from the slow sale of alt mining stores and appropriated items as well as the odd rare ransom. With elite level skills I’m able to control 6 separate planetary colonies, 4 harvesting and 2 manufacturing. To harvest enough materials to allow the factories to constantly manufacture POS fuel I must visit each site every 48 hours. My alt is under orders to install the same infrastructure halving the requirement to attend, yet requiring 40 days training. A direct consequence of this commitment is that I must initiate roams from my local system, but until there’s planetary assault capability I’m not concerned.

With this continued consistent commitment I can roam the void without the need for considering financial burdens, which is a welcomed perk. There are many different ways to achieve this perpetual existence; for me the regularity of planetary harvesting is good for my attendance and ensures that my time within the void continues regardless of personal financial issues, so long as I can earn the required isk in time…

Happy (isk) hunting…

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Abbadon21 said...

It's boring as hell but Gate Camping can pull in a steady income.

Just make sure you have a scout alt on the other side of the gate.

Then focus in on just haulers since they most likely to yeild a profit.

BTW: Cool design on your blog