Hitching a Ride

In New Eden there is a limitation bestowed upon the demi-gods who roam the skies omnipotently. The restriction has the power to prevent a sincere expression of companionship. The limitation I am referring is the ability to dock more than one pilot within a vessel.

There have been times when a lift could’ve been helpful, even necessary. A while ago I regularly undertook the painful decision to commit suicide to avoid a lengthy and dangerous journey back to safety after an excursion went sour. I have since ceased this method of travel due to the inherent increase of clone replacement costs as my skills develop.

In a majority of cases my allies may have been intact, and nestled inside their own armoured ships, but because I had my own ship, albeit a defenceless POD I was forbidden to dock with them to continue our journey together, aiding my protection and preserving efforts to support one another. If docking were possible an entirely new range of eventualities become possible:

Although the decision to dock should be left to either the ship or the POD, allowing the scooping of PODs into ones own cargo bay, the ability to un-dock should remain solely with the POD pilot in question. In this case the kid-napping and/or ransom profession could become rife as the downed POD could be scooped into a cargo hold and held indefinitely on-board a hostile ship.

The decision to un-dock is left to the POD pilot on the understanding that any attempt to un-dock would be met with hostile fire. Obviously the ability of a POD to insta-warp would aid the kid-napped pilot to escape, but there would always be the threat of death should this decision be taken.

The ability of a HIC (Heavy Interdiction Cruiser) to deploy AOA (Area-Of-Affect) Warp Disruption may provide a new role for the cruiser as a prison vessel, with the ultimate price being suicide by the kid-napped pilot.

I recall one occasion when this almost occured after a poor pilot fell victim to a pirate invasion of his low sec mission. The POD was held indefinately via several points for almost an hour while our party smack-talked the poor fellow to virtual suicide. In my opinion the eventuality was the same, except with docking the ransom attempt could become mobile.

This is an example of how docking could impact and enrich the piracy profession in New Eden, and I’m sure that many may find more interesting ideas regarding its use. Smuggling anyone?

I would be interested to hear a different perspective on this matter as I deem the current mechanics, which result in the abandonment of an ally defenceless and bewildered, seems a little defeatest to say the least, especially considering the power that's usually granted to us.

Just a thought...


Anonymous said...

I actually think this could very well be an excellent idea, if implemented properly. I can envision all sorts of new professions opening up, like say, a pilot transport. You could have many pilots in your docking bay, safe while you carry them across vast distances. The other ability to take hostages would add flavor as well - could even have tour lines setup. It would make piracy all the more fun for both sides as well.

This coming from a carebear. Cheers, and love the initial idea!

-Jhared Skyfire

Aiden Mourn said...

Hah! I was literally just having this discussion with someone the other day. Great job putting the idea out there man. I could see this becoming both a helpful tool as well a new game mechanic ripe for exploiting. Either way though, I'm all for it.