Warp Factor 10

During my hunting hours I sometimes miss targets which warp away on contact to the grid. To combat this problem I recently fitted a Hyperspacial Velocity Optimizer to my Pilgrim which increases warp speed by 20%. Targets can get away simply by warping first but if one can catch them while in warp, one stands a much better chance of catching the target.

I recently caught two ships using this modification. It was so successful that I may fit it as standard on all pirate vessels where warp speed is a factor. Although relatively expensive and causes the armour to be affected, the ability to capture prey more often may compensate for the costs involved in both fitting and to the ship’s armour.

For the most part the items needed to construct the rig are acquired from my excursions and therefore the costs are minimal, but it’s important to keep costs in mind. I can imagine this rig particularly useful when hunting for targets in asteroid belts or in larger systems. In one instance a Thorax had literally left the grid as I arrived and, aiming my ship for the targets estimated destination I was able to align, warp and arrive in tandem with the target. This is obviously more pronounced where the distances are greater allowing one to overtake the target in warp.

I will continue to field test this rig on a range of vessels but I can clearly see the usefulness. If the capture rate can be maintained I will roll out this fitting to additional ships as I see necessary.

Happy hunting…


Quivering Palm said...

There is a subsystem for Strategic Cruisers that was designed with exactly that ability and tactical maneuverability in mind. It is my belief that very few people actually use it in actual combat situations. What are your thoughts on this? Would you use it instead of rigging your ship?

Redundant blogger said...

It depends whether the choice of sub-system compromises the final fit(ie: no. of slots). It may be easier to rig, but that would add cost to re-packeaging of the ship for other roles.

The sub-system in question (gravitational capacitor) provides a warp increase per level so the effect is potentially greater. I think more speed can only be a good thing.

I'd only take a Tech III ship into pvp with back-up.