An idealist and a specialist in Naval warfare, CT is the CEO of The I-A Corporation. He is a well travelled pilot and during his journey across New Eden he has made many friendships and enemies as he demands the respect of any pilot whom crosses his path. Notoriously hard to please but with a head for tactical thinking, he is the back bone of I-A and commands the pilots under his banner firmly but fairly.

On occasion he's displayed a darker side to his personality. He has secret aspirations to murder for the sake of murder, but his military training is in a constant struggle with the darker recesses of his mind. Not to be taken as a fool as a swift death will follow anyone who dares to challenge his authority.


A highly intelligent being and Mr NOXx's mentor for many years. Once a high admiral in the Amarr Navy he befriended Mr NOXx and helped him escape his execution on Sarum Prime.

Over the years he's become a champion of research and development within The I-A Corporation. His latest project is to reverse engineer the artifacts obtained from the many dangerous excursions into wormhole space by Mr NOXx and B13.

He's an individual with great resolve and dedication to his work and displays a knowledge of science and industry which is second to none.

A Pirates Life For Me!

This video has been around a while. I've posted it because to listen to this poor guy cry about his ship loss is to understand why a pirate kills...because they can and it's so damn funny when the victim rants. This sort of thing makes the career worth while.

We're in the Army now, Whoah!

...and so it happened. Fearing reprisals against my mother corporation for piracy I finally succumbed to the administration nightmare of becoming my own boss. I am now officially the CEO of a fledgling pirate corporation, The Imperial Furies.

The new corporations mandate was to transfer the best pilots from The I-A, a research and development corporation and baptise them in the fires of piracy and gang warfare if they so desired. We intended to kill with impunity using covert operations to maximise our effectiveness but as most best intentions go, after a couple of weeks it became clear that the logistics involved in running a corporation with everyone online at the same to run guerrilla gangs behind enemy lines became a real problem. In addition the corporation as a whole became a little demoralised after a few expensive setbacks. This was to be expected but not desired.

So after much discussion with the members a decision was made to enroll our new corporation into a Militia and take advantage of their war to maximise ours. Now before this decision was taken we knew very little about Factional Warfare. We had seen the control bunkers littered around low security Empire but had never given them much credence. Upon researching the concept we found that it was almost perfect for our needs and so we joined unanimously.

The corporations moral was lifted again with this new purpose and a new base was established on the front line between the Amarr and the Minmatar factions. Since then our kill rate as a whole has seen a significant increase, with the added bonus of being immune to war declarations despite frequently pirating in the area. There are more opportunities to kill than ever before in this Militia and there are always missions to do, fleets to join or gate camps to smash. This has made our pilots content with their move and should ensure a steady rate of pilots available online.

I had never before considered that Factional Warfare could be so rewarding and, as you may have noticed from the dates of my last post that I have been very busy enjoying a target rich environment. The Amarr Militia is home to some 80 corporations in constant conflict with the Minmatar Militia and, unlike alliance fleets, our ships are mainly Amarr, and the enemies Minmatar. This makes for some great photos and my camera drones have been working overtime to capture the drama of a Minmatar fleet in combat with an Amarr fleet.

Amarrian Empire space is no longer as 'safe' as it used to be now we are at war. The enemy is consistently infiltrating deeper into Empire despite retaliation from the local Amarr Militia. They are occasionally bold enough to camp the pipe leading into Empire which means that clone jumps are preferable. The deeper into Amarr space one travels the less their presence is felt, but I have been shot at on a couple of occasions within missions. My Sarum Agent is already missing me as my complex Nightmare has been retired indefinitely. This is a real shame as I used to enjoy a spot of mission gank or cosmoss spank but I may still shove in a sneaky mission here and there.

I already have a couple of tall tales of interest which I will post in due course. In the mean time, if you are finding the constant scanning for targets tiresome and the camping of gates boring (I know I do - how can killing haulers all day be fun?) then give factional warfare a look. The pilots found within the militia are willing to throw themselves into the fray and are always up to something interesting or dangerous, or both. You won't be disappointed.