Blog Packing

The Blog Pack is a glorious gabble of care-bears, pirates, pvp'ers and miners all set to ponder their reality that is EvE Online. The proprietor; CrazyKinux, is one of the best known bloggers of our beloved galaxy, selflessly he promotes the writings of other less known bloggers, such as me.

Recently has has revised his Blog Pack to remove veteran posters to include some noobs, as it were. Again this shows the level headed nature of the BlogFather and why, his blog is the most respected out there. I for one am grateful for this pack for two reasons:

1. I finally have a reader base, and
2. A wealth of knowledge, creativity and ideologies flow endlessly from the Blog Pack.

EvE Online is fortunate that it inspires so many due to it's diversity, beauty and complexity, which is rare these days. In turn, the Blog Pack is the most comprehensive tool with wicked writers, pop artists and moaning miners alike. This makes the Blog Pack one of the best resources for EvE Online anywhere in the universe.

Check out the latest Blog Pack, including the latest additions at CrazyKinux's Musing.

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