An Astronomical Oversight Addressed

A few months past I posted an article about the ignorance of astrophysics within New Eden, especially regarding planetary formation. I attempted to point out that, although very beautiful, many of the planets were in an unrealistic orbital plane, the wrong diameter or of the incorrect composition for their size and/or position relative to the central star.

The resulting comments were mixed as some felt that planetary mechanics only serve as a back drop to New Edens’ Demi Gods of War. There were others though, who felt that astronomy has an important role to play when inspiring the powers that be to form New Eden’s universe, particularly as nature designs wilder than dreams.

I am pleased to note that this has been addressed. The reasons for the amendments differ from my own desires, but the results are very similar. If the issue had been ignored it would've made identifying potential sites for planetary exploitation much harder, even random.

The type of 38,213 planets has been changed, in an attempt to create a more realistic universe as well as a balanced distribution of resources for Planetary Interaction.

The attributes of all but 23 planets have been changed in an attempt to create a more realistic universe.

The radius of around 140 planets has been changed; this in turn affects the warp-in point.

I love it when I'm vindicated, this only leaves 999 things wrong with New Eden, but that number is coming down...

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An Astronomical Oversight