Mr Anonymous

With the advent of the new character editor I find myself abstaining from the silly sliders and monotone fancy dress. My choice to remain faceless, driven by the disappointment of losing my carefully created profile picture.

Despite technical reasons I'm annoyed that, after replacing my profile image twice and having to pay extra costs for the privilege, this image is now no longer possible using the fiddly inadequate suite. Whomever made this decision not to represent the same choices of clothes, hair and face as previously possible has seriously undermined mine, nay our right to choose how we look in New Eden.

I was perfectly happy with the way I looked but without the ability to recreate any image even remotely similar has forced me to make this choice to remain faceless. And besides, I kinda like being a ghost anyway, it's sort-of unsettling and may serve a greater purpose than my angry brow ever could. So until such time as CCP decides to grant us with the same choices we were blessed with previously, I will remain as a ghost indefinitely.

Petition: Can I have the cash that I paid to change my profile picture back in my pocket? I await a response, but I already know the answer...

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