The 7 Year Itch

It may have been noted that New Eden has not provided the same lure as it one did. Many moons ago I was the one who'd be online throughout maintaining the malevolent presence within the void.

But after 7 years one would expect this commitment to wane somewhat, but for me, any idea that EvE Online is wearing thin is blasphemous. With so many RL adventures arriving at my door lately it's no surprise I've been distracted for a short time, but these  periods of abstention only serve to reinforce my addiction of fiery fury.

With the completion of Fanfest2012 and several demonstrations of intentions, it's clear that to abandon this gratuitous galaxy now would be a serious oversight on my part as to the strengths of CCP's IP, and the ambition they display when attempting to covet new technology and convince us; this is the future. I do trust their judgement, most of the time and I must admit their prospects are promising.

One of the greatest collaborations to date must be with Nvidia as this following video demonstrates. They have some grand plans for our viewing pleasure and may, in some unintentional ways, improve upon the sub flight mechanics and pocket sized belts we endure.

I'm in for the long haul, indeed I have contemplated my assets in a decade. When the Dust has settled and CoD fanboys play fodder to our whims we will be almighty gods, we will command the respect of a growing collective consciousness within New Eden and beyond.

So right here, right now I remain silently cloaked, finger itching...

Happy hunting.

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