The Metro

Not surprisingly there's an affinity to Metro2033's design ethic and the world of New Eden. Neither can claim to be more claustrophobic or menacing, but certainly the Metro is much more grimy. An inspiration perhaps for CCP to glance and allow a little dust to grace the air filters, if only to reinforce the notion that we live, that we are flesh and that we sweat tears and blood.

Metro2033 is a clear winner where thick atmosphere is an asset, and I pray that one day New Edens' abandoned stations may boast similar environments for us to lay within, injured and desperately alone.

The sequel promises to smooth the jagged edges of the previous incarnation, and my breath is held for a due release, just as it will be when I'll finally find myself once again lost within the catacombs of this post-Apocalypse nightmare without a gas mask. Lovely...

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