Planet X

As a space faring society we are fortunate enough to choose our destiny, we are not bound by the recurring prophecies of the end of the world. Some say that theirs will be within the next year, but to remain in situe is a religulous decision and is attractive for only one reason, the spectacular view of celestial armageddon.

If you're planning for the end, then sod the resolutions, sell-up now and be first in the queue. It's possible to ask a kind pirate if they wouldn't mind awfully inviting you to see the maker, and whilst in conversation with whatever the god happens to be, ask them whether the right moment was chosen to finally die?

That's the new rule aboard my ship - if you talk of the prophecy, I'll oblige with murder. But with so many frenzied fanatics hurling themselves into the void, it should make for a bumper year for booty. So ready your villains for the spectacle of fear this year, it's the beginning of the end - exactly what I've been waiting for...

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