The Future is Now

EvE Online has finally felt the impression of the most simplistic, yet empowering ability; to wander the spaces of stations. The Captains Quarters upgrade is a milestone in New Edens persistent development which many have longed for so very long. Although only a short meander between the hangar and the quarters, it shows just how grand the scale is intended, and allows a more natural connection to the avatar than before.

I'm convinced that the freedom posed by this patch is the beginning of a new phase in EvE's life cycle and popularity, which must grow relentlessly. New players not before considered self suited to this environment will relate quicker to a humanoid form to within PODed spacecraft, perhaps why new players by default are configured to start with legs.

But since CCP announced 'Ambulation' so many moons ago, many more contenders have risen in this genre. Some already boast of walkable stations, some claim to be free. But due to sheer perfectly realised complexity, EvE Online can still comfortably claim the best sci-fi game in the world; but the perfect equation of game elements still eludes developers due partly to decisions made during EvE's conception.

The mind control interface between our thoughts and the ship we are plugged prevents us moving naturally as we may all now become accustomed. The decision to have this interface: the POD, may haunt the development of future features such as ship interior interaction. The love affair we have with our vessels should surely eventually extend into the natural form of walking so we may really feel inside the ship, thus the game.

I imagine rising from slumber on an abandoned outpost I discovered orbiting a moon. Wandering on-board a glorious Amarr battlecruiser, I take stock of the systems and instruct the outpost security script to unlock docking clamps and press helm to roll the mighty vessel onwards into the massively complex worlds of New Eden; jumping wormholes and invading sleeper sights, exploring the depths of their architecture, their lost secrets, pillaging whatever remains; holding victims of piracy or bounties, hostage aboard prison ships wreathed in defences; the prisoner considering suicide at the cost of billions in implants; secret meetings aboard cloaked ships hidden within silent nebula; and assassins deploying devious steps when privy to this knowledge. This ultimately adventurous dynamic was hinted during Fan Fest.

Looking back there have been attempts already at this common ideology. Mace Griffin; Bounty Hunter is a superficial example of this perfectly empowering ability; to connect with the heavens and the ground beneath. Star Wars Battlefront 2; Elite Squadron shows just what's possible at the minute level; an online universe in your pocket.

But the laws of New Edens ever evolving universe are certainly not set in stone, I've seen many ships become illegal, impossible or impractical. CCP persistently tackle issues with confidence and ingenuity and I'm sure of an 'upgrade' to allow such fantasy.

It's simply a question of time as the slow infection into the interiors of the stations begins. It may generate an entirely new demographic and may also introduce massively multiplayer twitch based interactions on-board gloriously giant station spaces, as demonstrated.

Whatever the future , EvE Online can claim not only ambition, but accomplishment. This is what makes EvE Online the future, now.

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