The Treasure Hunt

I listen to EvE-Radio. I like the way it mumbles on in the distance as I go about my mundane mandate for murder and mockery. At around midday the DJ announced a treasure hunt which would begin within the hour. With not much immediately pressing I thought it would be a unique way of spending my afternoon in New Eden.

With my beloved Malediction upgraded for pure speed I rendezvoused at the starting point. I was presented with a collection of around 50 vessels of all different configurations and types. Frigates seemed quite popular, as well as some covert ops ships and the odd cruiser. Observing the competition I counted one other interceptor. I assumed at that point that the treasure was mine for the taking.

As the DJ announced the rules I prepared my overview and listened carefully to determine the nature of the hunt. We had to locate secure containers, containing a code which gave the location of the next, anchored within random systems in the local constellation. The hunt began on time and, as the mob descended on the first system I quickly scanned local space and found a container anchored around one of the inner planets. Warping to the location I was joined by a handful of other hunters all frantically orbiting the secure container, trying to crack the code.

With the code deciphered and the location for the next locked-in I rushed off to the next system. As I passed the second system I noticed the gabble dispersing. At can number six I was almost alone save for myself and another plucky pilot, whom raced me around the latest system in a frigate, looking for the clue. This latest secure container indicated that the last clue was to be found within the first system. I was a little unsure at this and had to check the code again but it was confirmed. I figured that this last container must be further out from the centre of the system than the original, or it was anchored after the group had left.

Arriving at the penultimate destination, the scanner was set for a deep scan of the huge system. At around 150 AU it was a lot of space to cover. A sense of panic set in as the can refused to give up its location. Weirdly I received a communications request from the plucky pilot who was also looking for the elusive clue. I decided to throw him off the scent; I said I’d found it and advised him to warp the tenth planet and scan. Of course the container was not there and I chuckled having found the container near the eleventh planet which was over 15 AU away. I hit the last jump-gate en-route to my destination easily the leader of the pack.

I slowed at the finishing point and was greeted by a lovely sight; only the DJ’s ship was present. I formed up next to his shuttle and submitted the password granted by the last clue. I had to wait a further twenty minutes for the rest of the field to eventually complete the hunt.

Announced as the winner it was my first choice to choose a number between one and twenty to determine my prize. I chose lucky number seven. And the prize? Five million isk; exactly the same price I’d paid to enter the hunt. I guess fortune favours the foolish.

Happy (treasure) hunting…

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