Three's a Crowd

Tandem of Terror, the Deadly Duo. These phrases come to mind when I think of the relationship both B13 and I share. The two of us perfectly compliment each others abilities to bring pain unto any poor unfortunate soul that may stray into our terror trap of Web and Warp-Scrambler.

It occurred to me recently to consider perhaps bringing in a third pirate to assist our pillaging. Although the spoils would be diluted, the effectiveness of our combat unit surely would increase. In truth, we already utilise a third pilot; our intel officer; an alt. Perhaps an ‘active’ vessel would be wise addition to our terrific team.

In practice this dynamic became problematic. The bond and understanding B13 and I possess is so acute that it’s difficult to allow an ‘outsider’ to contribute and meld within our ranks and act as a third arm. Statistically there should only be positives points when increasing a fleet size, but New Eden is much more subtle; an unforgiving realm rewarding those with quick wit and iron nerve.

With a third member, the dynamic became loose. We all agreed that not only does it increase our fielded DPS, but it also adds an element of confusion and consideration for manoeuvring, as well as additional factors such as our presence in local which has increased by a third. This alone seems to have attracted unwanted attention, three pilots are seen as a threat where-as two were usually ignored as a nuisance. We also found it is easier to mask two pilots using mis-direction, three pilots are not so easily cloaked.

With our first encounters costing our fresh fellow his ships, it is fair to state that it isn’t going to be easy to improve our posse. Perhaps considering our friends’ lack of experience or our ability to protect his hull properly, that has caused this initial failure to improve. In any case, B13 and I are used to handling ourselves in combat, asking little of each other for support. In hindsight I am reluctant to amend the dynamic; my conclusion is to preserve our twin pirate gang. Adding to this relationship only spoils the broth and gets the incorrect cook killed.

Happy hunting…

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