Slots for Shuttles

I burn through shuttles like they are going out of fashion. The journey from A to B used to be much quicker, without my constant attendance on autopilot if one was in a shuttle, and such craft harbour little rewards from suicide gank squads.

I own a score of shuttles scattered across New Eden in various safe ports, and these shuttles are left to rot until such time I either attempt to sell them locally for an extortionate amount if isk or recycle them to clean house. I’ve also witnessed a massive shuttle graveyard orbiting a lonely ice planet. I occupied each shuttle in turn only to initiate an overload of the engines to destroy the craft resulting in an insurance pay-out of two grand. Time consuming I admit, but I rarely say nay to either free isk or explosions.

The ownership of shuttles is a formal experience. Used solely for traversing the vast darkness of space they are extremely focussed on this vocation. If a shuttle were to have a slot, it would be a much more personal experience. Variation could be advanced from this flexibility allowing the craft to be used for other roles.

As nine-tenths of the law dictates that ownership is paramount to a person’s status, it would be favourable to allow pilots to engage in designs on their own possessions, including but not exclusively for the lowly shuttle.

The Sweet Taste of Medicine

Ore thieves are cowards. The idea of baiting a defences less mining barge is something that does not wet my appetite, well except for the drops of course. Still, it's nice to see a victim bestow the theif with his own unique taste of medicine...sweet.

W-POS Execution

It happened, an event which I had assumed was impossible; a w-POS destroyed by hostile forces. Theoretically this shouldn't happen. I was of the common opinion that, by its very nature a wormhole POS was almost invulnerable because in order to field the firepower required to destroy such a structure, would take more weight than a wormhole would allow before collapsing. Obviously I underestimated the patients of some pilots to maintain firing at a POS shield for an unbearable amount of time. Bravo to those involved.

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Richness in Diversity

The EvE Online blog pack is swelling. Crazy Kinux regularly expands the list of worthy blogs making the blog-pack one of the best and most comprehensive resources for our beloved galaxy available anywhere.

As a member I understand the value and importance of posting often with (relatively) relevant content and contributing to my fellow bloggers’ posts. It’s a real joy to be a part of this dedicated and huge community, and I’m proud to be a member of one of the worlds most diverse collection of people (care-bears included) from across the globe.

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