The Wings of Honneamise

The Wings of Honneamise is one of my most prized films, it's a beautifully crafted tale of a race to the stars and the consequences on society of that space race. Throughout the film there are philosophical questions raised regarding the ability of mankind to feed his brethren whilst ploughing resources into technology to reach beyond Terra Firma.

The film is not your a-typical multi penis demon fest with murderous intent, instead the film has been akin to The Right Stuff. It's a thoughtful story of one mans conscience and his position as a role-model whilst propelling mankind into space. During his training he meets a young woman and her child whom teach him the importance of his power to protect the world they inhabit and preserve the inhabitants right to peace despite primal impulses to become barbarous and greedy.

It's refreshing to see anime that is not concerned with demons, breasts and guns; instead the backdrop of the tale is as rich as Bladerunner and the characters are so well developed, sympathtic relationships form with the avatars and the viewer.

Not a film to be missed if you haven't seen it, a true classic and incredibly unique. Criminally the DVD is not available to the UK and so I rely solely on my hopelessly poor quality VHS version to satisfy my thirst for this wonderful, epic story of mankind's race into space.

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The Wings of Honneamise