Tech Demo

Apart from their looks, the Tech III class ship is designed to fulfill dozens of focused roles. Using a racial hull as a base, as the 5 different sub-systems change altering the appearance of the vessel, each combination of sub-system (of which there are 4 types) changes specific bonuses and attributes on the ship. This means there's almost nothing a well fitted Tech III vessel can't do. My kind of fun.

A Warm Welcome

I am pleased to announce a new contributor to this blog; my mentor and oldest friend EiD. Fourteen years ago he expedited my release from Sarum Prime as I was due to be court marshalled for my crimes against the Amarr Navy. His assistance sacrificed his own career within the Navy and we both sought new homes far from the Empire.

He’s always been a great source of knowledge and an inspiration to me, a champion in his field of science and industry, there isn’t much he doesn’t know. He spends his days making millions on the galactic market selling his inventions, and occasionally tackles the odd level 4 in his nightmare with Mr NOXx. These missions cannot take long due to his busy schedule, and they don’t; mere seconds in-fact.

He is a very busy man and his services are constantly in demand so it’s with great honour that I welcome his input. I trust he will have plenty to say and that a new perspective will be welcomed.

Welcome to the blog Sir; /me salutes EiD.

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