The Beauty of EvE Online

We know EvE Online is rich with detail, impressive light bounces of tempting designs and volumetric effects bloom onto the display; I challenge any individual to find much fault with the comfortably grim spaces of New Eden.

Beneath the flamboyant aesthetics there lies a web of unique ideas, techniques and designs. Be it invention, piracy, skirmishes, faction warfare, manufacture, ratting, exploration, planetary harvesting, covert operations, border patrol, pvp roaming, industrial sabotage, empire control, ship building, market manipulation...>add

With Choice comes complexity and a powerful tool to control and define our desired destiny beyond any other world and to no greater scale than New Eden is capable; from eyes to stars. And due largely to the sandbox approach the universal content is created on the fly by our passing through the game-world and that interaction. Due to all the choices we make, the more complex the evolution of the status quo.

There is a cost to this choice; the constant spawning and increasingly consuming skill tree reminds us of our reality; mortality. Though our avatars have the capacity to out live our meaty entity. And with immense choice comes confusion; freshman often display bewilderment asking numerous basic questions upon entering New Eden's fray of fanatical ego maniacs.

But the chokes of choice are acceptable due to the sheer presence choice has in our lives; virtually. Without it EvE Online could be called simply; Space game. At present I find it hard to classify EvE into any assumed pigeon hole. One choice after another, EvE Online spawns an infinite labyrinth of interactions and transactions. It's the defining nature of what we do.

Happy choosing...

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