Real Lives

I am proud of being the initial spark which caught the imagination of so many of my friends where I reside here in the UK, to become hooked into EvE Online. I remember reading with great interest, the development of our beloved galaxy in Edge magazine way back in January 2002. It wasn’t until the Yule tide celebrations of 2005 that I finally purchased a hard copy of EvE Online (the booklet of which details the Jovians as playable characters) as a gift for myself and began playing.

One year later and many of my good friends became hopelessly addicted to EvE Online, some displaying unswerving dedication by having several accounts on the go simultaneously. EiD, B13, Ntz, LPsyon and Xa are all regular players in all aspects of EvE Online.

EiD recently relocated his pad to that of an attic conversion. The rather large room is currently undergoing designs as an interpretation of a spacecraft. We’re arranging wardrobes, book-shelves and other furniture to form different zones and corridors through the room with the flight deck housing the PC’s and the bed suitably within the living quarters. The noisy engineering zone is to appropriately house his drum kit. It should look ace when we’ve finished.

I suppose all that’s left to do is to dress like our characters and hit the local pub. Should be fun, or perhaps foolish – I can’t decide which.


Your Large Tachyon Beam Laser II Narrowly Misses Lordy23 Causing For 0.0 Damage
Really? As far as I can see the entire battery of laser fire burnt directly onto his fragile hull!

The fact that we are given a number to represent the impacts our weapons have on our targets highlights the imaging capabilities of our respective PODs are so out dated that computer readouts are necessary to indicate the percentage of the charge that completes its journey. New Eden is rife with this problem, some areas are so far ahead of the curve that issues such as this are becoming so lagged that they are completely undesirable.

I like to turn off the readouts at times because their presence detracts from the suspended disbelief of space combat which reminds me that there are some glaring oversights within our beloved realm. Given the impressive amounts of information running between our respective vessels, a correct representation is vastly overdue and should really be forthcoming.

So it continues to annoy, not just myself but many of you currently out there practising the art of combat. If New Eden possessed any kind of integrity, this issue would be dealt with so that we may not rely entirely upon our on-board computers to confirm a full collision, a glancing blow or indeed a miss.

Priorities need to be addressed correctly, but as this issue relates all the way back to the invention of space flight, I for one would’ve assumed it would’ve been addressed and resolved.

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Battle-Scarred Galactica

Space is a cruel harsh infinite environment made incredibly inhospitable by the cruel minds who wander there, preying on the weak and foolish. It’s no wonder that of teh trillions of souls in the galaxy, only a fraction choose to leave terra-firma to seek fame and fortune amongst the stars.

Our chosen existence is one of boundless possibilities; our steel vessels carry us through episodes of pain and wonder and are an extension of our own fears and dreams. Every single vessel is a gleaming example of precision engineering and technological majesty.

This makes the similarities between each vessel very striking. Once when I returned from an excursion of a hundred days my ship appeared exactly the same as when it departed, despite the tale played, the story of which should’ve been visible upon the armour. It’s a shame that, although we all have individual ships, we all look the damn same no matter the age, use or configuration we respectively harbour.

This similarity serves to interrupt the suspended disbelief that we enjoy and reminds us that New Eden is not as advanced as the reality it portrays. I’m not interested in the technological excuses for the omission, only that effects should be layered upon our ships' surfaces to represent the life that our ships have endured; otherwise we simply shimmy around in apparent identical vessels which makes ownership far less personal than it should feel.

I resent shiny and new, I desire dents, scrapes and burns. I think this befits better the New Eden we all bear.

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A Minor Moan

Miners are vocal about their respective plights. Many complain that they’ve been the victims of high-sec gank squads or suicide solo macro-hunters, but they appear to be oblivious to the nature of New Eden.

There are no zones in New Eden whilst within the very-vast-viciously-void-vacuum, that are devoid of danger and therefore, if you assume that you can mine unmolested for hours at a time whilst amassing vast sums of minerals then you will be sorely disappointed.

Common sense is to have an escort with you whilst you mine. Prudent pilots may join a mining Corporation which allows (relative) safety in numbers. You could mine in vessels which are not attractive to opportunists, and whilst I appreciate that they may not rip ores as rapidly as specialist ships, they will be overlooked by the majority of ‘prats.’ The fact is that you will need to protect yourselves in order to gain in any profession.

Scum and villainy will attack you for your possessions no matter who or where you are so minimising the value and/or the risk of loss is a wise precaution. Those of you enjoying the protection of local law enforcement agents cannot be completely immune from those of us whom will risk the loss of our possessions to gain yours so heed the warnings, learn from your losses and don’t assume that because you are innocently minding your own business that the dark side will ignore you.

Happy mining…

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Warp-Drive Inactive

Recently I conversed with a fellow pirate I met in a shady bar in a grotty system. We discussed our respective ship fitting philosophies and he stated that, although he engages in the same profession as me and my brethren, he rarely fits any type of warp inhibition hardware.

An interesting point (or lack of) I’m sure you’ll agree. His argument; when attacked with enough ferocity, many pilots simply freeze and become incapable of initiating any type of escape plan due to panic. If this were consistent, it would permit the availability of an invaluable mid-slot.

I will attempt to test this theory during my next engagements. It’s dependent greatly on the type of pilot engaged, more experienced prey will be able to cope with the surprise of an attack and remain calm to execute an escape manoeuvre but I'm curious to test the validity in his ideology.

So I wait cloaked for my next victim without a hook, line or sinker and hope that the theory is sound.

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