In Space No-One Can Hear You Cry

As a pirate I occasionally receive hate-mails from disgruntled ‘customers’ who complain that I took from them in a few moments that which they had worked hard for months. I would just like to share some of these with you complete with grammar mistakes.

Hello. Why did you shoot me? I didn’t shhot you yet you shot me. If you don’t give me back the property you stole fom me then I will have to email ccp and get you banned from the game. I hope you read this soon because I will send letter next week an get you banned. Its up to you if you want me to not get you kicked from the game then get me back asap.

Okay, I shot you because it’s funny. Period. Thanks for the hate mail though, it’s the icing on the cake. Yum yum.

I hate people like you. You ruin the game for everyone. You think that you are clever attacking players smaller than you but it is just a cowards way. If I see you again I am goinf to attack you and take you life then you will be sorry for eva attacking me.


This one made me laugh because the pilot seems to have signed his letter as Scumbag.

I cant understand why you want to blow my ship up. What did I do to you? Why don’t you just f(ed)k off and die you f(ed)king asshole.

Just a quick note this one. Apparently I am a asshole (a donkey?) because I play the game properly. An interesting perspective but partially accurate, parts of me do resemble a donkey.

Normally I honour my prey by offering them a free instant re-cloning service, but if I ever receive hate-mails I normally send an appreciation of one million ISK so that they can rebuild their space-ships, re-enter low sec and become victims all over again.

If any of you plucky pirates have hate mails please post them here, I love a good giggle.

Happy Hunting…

“I Name This Space-Ship…”

In an ideal galaxy the name of your ship should represent the nature of that ship. If you hunt for prey however, it can be a disadvantage calling your ship “I’m gonna kill you.” I have seen various pilots name their ships ‘Veldspar’ believing that the vessel will be overlooked upon scan results.

Occasionally I have come across a ship or pilot with what can only be described as a mechanical name. Ships such as 11555866 or pilots called 44115632. These vessels never respond to hails and generally operate within Empire constantly mining the local minerals repeatedly without pause. I believe that these individuals are not POD pilots of flesh and bone, but they represent a scourge known as a Macro; a program designed to replace the thought processes of a real POD pilot. The motives behind such installations are unclear but I suspect that the black market is somehow involved.

The name of ones POD is also important. I never leave dock without first tagging my POD with a non-descriptive name, usually 001. I can’t stand PODs or ships carrying their pilots’ name and believe such individuals to be of a lazy disposition, or perhaps they have more important activities to contend with.

There are many ways of creating interesting names for your ships. B13 prefers to name his killing machines with scary little pictures such as ‘;..;’ I find these names enchanting and I’ve been guilty of naming a few ships similarly.

Typically I allocate a descriptive name to a ship inspired by the legend of the Earthly pirates that used to roam the ancient seas millennia ago. Whilst consulting various available media such as the Encyclopedia Galactica(www) I found a useful site which will generate various names for your spaceship. The link can be found below.

Happy hunting…

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“She Kanny Take Any More Cap'n…”

Overheating is the new black. If you are unable to overheat you are missing out on expensive repair bills and the endless replacement of Nanite Repair Paste. I regularly overheat my modules, sometimes to distracted destruction.

The arrangement of modules upon the ship helps contain heat damage produced when a module is overloaded. It’s desirable to have passive modules racked adjacent to the overheating module(s). Positioning the modules such helps dissipate the heat and reduces the instances of damage caused by overheating. The overheating of the primary also heats up the passive module(s) and can cause damage, but some modules are more efficient at venting heat and it is wise to account for this whenever fitting ships.

Excursions into w-space will help support the funding of a Tech 3 cruiser as well as supply many of the vital components. The specifications of this ship are to include the Supplemental Coolant Injector which will permit extended overheating of on-board modules. I realise that heat damage will still present itself, therefore I intend to maximise through training; the specific bonuses before launch. With additional excursions and a new training pattern I intend to construct and competently operate this vessel but, beyond the deployment of the w-space POS, this is my mission post POS deployment.

Holy POS!

Mission: To successfully deploy a POS in w-space
Location: Unknown

Phase one of the w-POS is complete. At present there are 3 POS of different configurations online within w-space with only the latest being maintained. All of them are to be found on Singularity as tests for the final phase of the mission. B13 and I have been living within various versions of these POS’s for the past three weeks refining the deployment process.

There were concerns that additional manpower was required to achieve our mission but in practice we found that deployment was (relatively) straight forward. Our POS specialist; EiD has contributed to the cause by supporting us with technical advice regarding arrangement of the POS systems and what supplies are needed to maintain the POS indefinitely.

The purpose of this mission is to seek out new life forms and new civ…er Ahem. The purpose of this mission is to farm the local Sleeper sites and manufacture Tech 2 and Tech 3 components for the building and sale of various modules and subsystems as well as construct our own Strategic Cruisers. The POS also provides an excellent staging area for excursions into the local populace wherever an exit wormhole may develop.

At the time of this report the third POS is undergoing reconfiguration. Initially we decided that only shield hardeners would be necessary but we have since agreed that it is wiser to support the POS with some form of defence beyond the passive nature of the POS shield. As the state of the wormholes fluctuate it is necessary for my ALT to remain within the POS shield to ensure that there is always a POD within the realm ready to scan an exit if required.

Logistically, operating in w-space is difficult. As wormholes are inherently unstable and an exit is not guaranteed, the tonnage of fuel necessary to maintain the POS shielding must be taken into w-space in bulk and at the earliest opportunity. At present we have enough fuel stored to last a desirable two months.

The state of this w-space is rich as it points from a 0.5 secure system. So far we have uncovered a constant stream of asteroid belts, complexes and gas clouds and we have been un-molested during our time there. This will obviously change when the POS goes live within New Eden itself. Unfortunately the gas clouds are not suitable for booster manufacture but with the wormholes appearing regularly we may yet be able to find an exit into a system which harbours the correct type.

The final stages of the mission are to take place over the next few weeks where B13 and I will attempt to use what we have learnt to successfully deploy a POS within New Edens’ w-space. The mission carries huge risks but, if you’ve ever been into a wormhole you must agree that the rewards are mountainous.

It’s a very exciting period for us both and we intend to maximise on our position when it occurs to bolster our own notoriety and wallets. To good health…