"'till death us do part...perhaps"

Ever since my mind was welded to a Jovian POD, I have rarely rested in the steel bosom of a station for more than a few days, preferring instead to remain cloaked within the vast void enveloping our worlds. The enduring infinite space quietly soothes my toils, I reflect upon sins born of rage then fire, whilst considering my future in this incredible virtual environment.

My inevitable conviction is that; save for the end of the world where I physically reside I’ll succumb to my mysterious demons for as long as breath remains within my lungs, failing to shy from the challenge of a lifetime of malevolence for the greatness of EvE Online, and the dissolution of prey.

I take solace in the presumption that I have found a path to my destiny and that New Eden is the theatre in which my horrors and honours are expressed. The consequence of this choice is to assume that, with the aid of potential technology, cyberspace may one day cradle my mind entirely, and when/if this happens I shall revere in the delectable experience that is EvE Online for as long as my mind virtually exists.

Happy(everlasting) hunting...