Merry Misery

With the advent of annual festivities underway I again feel a personal duty to ensure that some of us have a rotten yule tide time. Targets are indiscriminately hunted for their wares and smack-talk retorted with rehearsed vulgarity.

Mr black heart writhes with turmoil no doubt due to the sickening status quo of good will to fellow souls, but to maintain perspective upon our collective unconscious desire for pain and suffering I am delighted to continue my mandate of destruction, dashing hopes of merry-ness through obliteration of deep space vessels venturing the void for any sake.

New Eden is not a delight – its beauty surpassed only by the inherent danger skulking beyond the superficial surface. Space is cold, black and infinite and cares not for traditions of solidarity, save for the maintenance of its infamous tendency to take lives. A tradition I am bound to endorse.

Merry X-mas

Sexy EvE

...with a sprinkling of winter expansioness.

Kerbal Space program

I can imagine that, at some point in the race towards the stars by the varying adolescent races within New Edens' technological wastes, the respective engineers would've had to endure many horrors manifested by the deaths of hundreds, nay thousands of brave astronauts whom rode their experimental space crafts into the unknown. The eventual conquering and domination of the stars owes much to these souls and their bravery can be relived thanks this fantastic new launch simulator; Kerbal Space Program.

Still under development but free to download, KSP is a unique exploration of space flight that should be experienced by our community. Technically it can get quite complicated, building a launch vehicle capable of escaping the gravitational pull of a planet contains many hazards to overcome. A real challenge, yet very rewarding once it's mastered. I personally can recommend this program, if only to appreciate the difficulties faced by the intrepid explorers of the early evolution of New Edens' space race.

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Local Vistas

Nebulae in New Eden are currently the quietly repetitive backdrop to all we do in New Eden. I never paid much attention to them as I always felt their presence was unrealistic, and poorly executed. Their randomness appeared to have no relation at all to the area of space one was viewing from and even though your ship could be the opposite side of the known galaxy, the backdrop to space was always the same tired collection of blue, green or red dusty wallpapers. Indeed the development team forged these images from clouds of ink within a murky fluid a decade ago.

But there is hope; nebulae will now become a useful tool of location recognition. During the video shown Ben Bohn explains how they will be located between systems, and if you travel further toward a nebula by jumping systems; its appearance will alter depending on the distance from the nebula you are. And it's not limited to one nebula either; by layering multiple nebulae from several locations in the constellation, each time you move around the star-map the size and angle of the nebulae will alter again, dependant on the location of your viewing.
This new technology will enable New Eden's backdrops to appear unique in every system injecting some much needed variation to the star littered backgrounds. Local knowledge will play a key role in knowing exactly where you are in the constellations simply by looking at the nebulae surrounding the views, more so than simply the name of the system; a direct comparison with the view will grant an unparalleled understanding of the geography of each constellation.

I expect this will allow exploration to be a little more of a discovery; each new backdrop unique to it's host system. Perhaps CCP can go a step further and allow the exploration of the interior regions of nebulae; possible lawless pockets within the Empires harbouring great bounties of some kind to lure in potential prey - well, that's something I want for my own sake, for pure pew pew.

It's a feature I'm sure will go a long to way to making each system more than a collection of planets surrounding a solitary star. But I'm unsure how this would work at the edges of the galaxy and whether the same idea can work within a wormhole; the latter proposition possibly allowing the puzzle of positioning the wormhole pocket amongst the catalogue of known nebulae in the galaxy. Only time will tell I guess...

(I had the same idea a few years ago, but I always figured it too petty a problem to post. I hate hindsight...!)

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Colonial Marines

The apparent infinity the universe presents must surely give rise to life which, when encountered can promote the most terrifying of situations. It's accepted that Aliens is one of the greatest Sci-Fi Horrors ever committed to film; a tale of desperation and survival against a deadly alien race. One can only marvel at the impression this game leaves - it's Aliens; but playable!

System Failure!!!

After a brief spell of rest and relaxation attending the slave blood fights courtesy of the Blood Raider faction. I returned home to Sarum Prime VI to find my POD un-usable despite the recent respite. I can only attribute the system failure to a lack of maintenance and its blame rests squarely on my shoulders. It’s needless to say that my presence in New Eden has become temporarily interrupted.

I trust that it’s a foregone fact; the regular maintenance of ones POD is a must as neglect will result in one eventuality; total system failure. An engineer has already been summoned but the prognosis is not desirable; a complete rebuild of the POD. I have no information on how long the re-fit may take, only that for the moment the space is clear around my hunting grounds, fly safer.

Happy (plentiful) hunting…

Me Tube

Annually I'll unplug for a while to reset my warp-core, my humanity and attend to some issues unrelated to New Eden. I've compiled a channel of videos, still in early development, but with content that you may find relevant when you too unplug from the fray. Enjoy...

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With no relation to our sordid sadistic sandbox – just a note to advise that; due to the number of page rank seeking comments received on this site, I’m moderating subsequent comments posted. This will mean that any personal posts will not display immediately, but be assured they will be listed providing they are on topic.

Thanks for yer participation y'all.

A View to a Kill

I'm grateful that un-docking in New Eden is blind, that is to say that any docked pilot, save for 3rd party intel, cannot observe the local space outside any station they are docked within. This makes for some brave yet ultimately foolish decisions, particularly considering the value attached to the vessels involved, and can, in the correct situation provide an easy kill, albeit usually accompanied by hostile fire of the local station and it's attempts to discourage the unprovoked, relentless attack.

There are rumours that this mechanic may be changed, that the majority consider this a flaw with the stations security protocols and that the safety of individuals seeking refuge in a hostile universe should be a prime consideration in these situations. Inevitably any change to this dynamic would not prevent such prowling as; with nature, a predator will find a solution. Even so, modifications must be carefully considered as perhaps the actual effect of any change may encourage false assumed safety, promoting elevated confidence in the target, only to now be a million miles from the station when ambushed.

This is clearly not the best kill scenario, but it provides a challenge; attempting to obliterate any dumb witted feeble tank in time thus escaping intact with minimal residual attention. Try it, but be slick.

Happy hunting...

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Derelict? Delectable!

Clearly this is exactly what CCP want to accomplish in New Eden. Nothing comes close to the imagined intrepid dangers that lie in wait within all those abandoned station wrecks, ghost ships or sleeper sites. The idea is that these hulks of metal design house a complex structure - explorable vaults of discovery - making our universe a million times massive by allowing the wandering of such sites.

Mark my words: A plan for the future, and a grand one at that.

Snatch Wars

Pure genius!


I’ve conceded creation to CCP - the incarnation of my avatar; Mr NOXx to the captains quarters. I have reckoned the attempt is recognisable enough, but the ability for amendments is not something I have to pay for so I may continue to evolve my image as I see fit. So after 400 years I can finally change my clothes!

I like having legs, to stretch – despite the confinement to quarters. My various craft are quite a sight from the hangar balcony, but do not ‘hover’ in relation to any docking ring inside the station, it would seem that I have the best quarters every-time I enter the station looking straight down the hanger, which is nice, yet odd. With the docking now allowing pilots to infect further into a station interior than before possible, a momentous gentle glide into position is still absent, only the jarring black screen and progress bar then the unwelcome words ‘loading’ (which is typical of New Eden) welcome each visitor, but at least the option to disable the station interior is granted allowing for rapid deployments with no session timer to endure.

Without the interaction of other pilots it feels sterile and desperately void of any life save for my own but this will be addressed in time once the station interior is breathe-able for clones. It will be interesting to see 1k pilots mingling inside a station environment, particularly as this is sometimes problematic in the void.

Still, I relish the walking and sitting(a rare occurrence) and the cyclical view screens, the fundamental design of the quarters and indeed, not much impresses more than to behold the glorious sight of an Amarr battleship, at scale!

Decision Preservation

Regarding the recent revamp of the uber-tanking T1 Amarr cruiser; the Maller, I find myself confused by the theft of the previous incarnation which was apparently securely docked in HQ. Most of these ships involved a personal purchase decision, some for aesthetics and many for ability but despite this freedom to choose, this ‘right’ is not expressed when designs are revised.

I’d like to see the revisions active only from the point of sale/invention of either final product or blueprint, thus all the old hat ships would remain be present in New Eden, but any created after the revision date would use the new model, bestowing a two tier appearance for the vessel. Some may conclude that this may affect the prices of either new or old ships, then so be it, variation is key and choice; desired.

I’d speculate the presence of an asymmetric Scorpion may become a curiosity as it became less common, and may also help establish a culture of preservation for vintage vessels, a luxury akin to faction ships. This new found fame may even affect the role of the ship and its accepted fitting config, whilst adding variation to the ships; short of visible damage, corporate logos or a standard paint job. As I’ve mentioned before; the beauty of New Eden is its vast choice, available to all, big or small, so please preserve the choices we choose; powers that be.

Happy (vintage)hunting…

The Metro

Not surprisingly there's an affinity to Metro2033's design ethic and the world of New Eden. Neither can claim to be more claustrophobic or menacing, but certainly the Metro is much more grimy. An inspiration perhaps for CCP to glance and allow a little dust to grace the air filters, if only to reinforce the notion that we live, that we are flesh and that we sweat tears and blood.

Metro2033 is a clear winner where thick atmosphere is an asset, and I pray that one day New Edens' abandoned stations may boast similar environments for us to lay within, injured and desperately alone.

The sequel promises to smooth the jagged edges of the previous incarnation, and my breath is held for a due release, just as it will be when I'll finally find myself once again lost within the catacombs of this post-Apocalypse nightmare without a gas mask. Lovely...

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"I Was There"

But I was cloaked, snatching stragglers from the field at will and enslaving them into a vastly shortened life of intense labour and cruel pain upon my personal demon planet.

The Future is Now

EvE Online has finally felt the impression of the most simplistic, yet empowering ability; to wander the spaces of stations. The Captains Quarters upgrade is a milestone in New Edens persistent development which many have longed for so very long. Although only a short meander between the hangar and the quarters, it shows just how grand the scale is intended, and allows a more natural connection to the avatar than before.

I'm convinced that the freedom posed by this patch is the beginning of a new phase in EvE's life cycle and popularity, which must grow relentlessly. New players not before considered self suited to this environment will relate quicker to a humanoid form to within PODed spacecraft, perhaps why new players by default are configured to start with legs.

But since CCP announced 'Ambulation' so many moons ago, many more contenders have risen in this genre. Some already boast of walkable stations, some claim to be free. But due to sheer perfectly realised complexity, EvE Online can still comfortably claim the best sci-fi game in the world; but the perfect equation of game elements still eludes developers due partly to decisions made during EvE's conception.

The mind control interface between our thoughts and the ship we are plugged prevents us moving naturally as we may all now become accustomed. The decision to have this interface: the POD, may haunt the development of future features such as ship interior interaction. The love affair we have with our vessels should surely eventually extend into the natural form of walking so we may really feel inside the ship, thus the game.

I imagine rising from slumber on an abandoned outpost I discovered orbiting a moon. Wandering on-board a glorious Amarr battlecruiser, I take stock of the systems and instruct the outpost security script to unlock docking clamps and press helm to roll the mighty vessel onwards into the massively complex worlds of New Eden; jumping wormholes and invading sleeper sights, exploring the depths of their architecture, their lost secrets, pillaging whatever remains; holding victims of piracy or bounties, hostage aboard prison ships wreathed in defences; the prisoner considering suicide at the cost of billions in implants; secret meetings aboard cloaked ships hidden within silent nebula; and assassins deploying devious steps when privy to this knowledge. This ultimately adventurous dynamic was hinted during Fan Fest.

Looking back there have been attempts already at this common ideology. Mace Griffin; Bounty Hunter is a superficial example of this perfectly empowering ability; to connect with the heavens and the ground beneath. Star Wars Battlefront 2; Elite Squadron shows just what's possible at the minute level; an online universe in your pocket.

But the laws of New Edens ever evolving universe are certainly not set in stone, I've seen many ships become illegal, impossible or impractical. CCP persistently tackle issues with confidence and ingenuity and I'm sure of an 'upgrade' to allow such fantasy.

It's simply a question of time as the slow infection into the interiors of the stations begins. It may generate an entirely new demographic and may also introduce massively multiplayer twitch based interactions on-board gloriously giant station spaces, as demonstrated.

Whatever the future , EvE Online can claim not only ambition, but accomplishment. This is what makes EvE Online the future, now.

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Similarity Hilarity

Behold the latest in telepathic ears and observe the amusing similarities between the native creatures infesting minmatar's wildness and the indigenous sentient race. Surely they are not the true concern...

"'till death us do part...perhaps"

Ever since my mind was welded to a Jovian POD, I have rarely rested in the steel bosom of a station for more than a few days, preferring instead to remain cloaked within the vast void enveloping our worlds. The enduring infinite space quietly soothes my toils, I reflect upon sins born of rage then fire, whilst considering my future in this incredible virtual environment.

My inevitable conviction is that; save for the end of the world where I physically reside I’ll succumb to my mysterious demons for as long as breath remains within my lungs, failing to shy from the challenge of a lifetime of malevolence for the greatness of EvE Online, and the dissolution of prey.

I take solace in the presumption that I have found a path to my destiny and that New Eden is the theatre in which my horrors and honours are expressed. The consequence of this choice is to assume that, with the aid of potential technology, cyberspace may one day cradle my mind entirely, and when/if this happens I shall revere in the delectable experience that is EvE Online for as long as my mind virtually exists.

Happy(everlasting) hunting...

The Beauty of EvE Online

We know EvE Online is rich with detail, impressive light bounces of tempting designs and volumetric effects bloom onto the display; I challenge any individual to find much fault with the comfortably grim spaces of New Eden.

Beneath the flamboyant aesthetics there lies a web of unique ideas, techniques and designs. Be it invention, piracy, skirmishes, faction warfare, manufacture, ratting, exploration, planetary harvesting, covert operations, border patrol, pvp roaming, industrial sabotage, empire control, ship building, market manipulation...>add

With Choice comes complexity and a powerful tool to control and define our desired destiny beyond any other world and to no greater scale than New Eden is capable; from eyes to stars. And due largely to the sandbox approach the universal content is created on the fly by our passing through the game-world and that interaction. Due to all the choices we make, the more complex the evolution of the status quo.

There is a cost to this choice; the constant spawning and increasingly consuming skill tree reminds us of our reality; mortality. Though our avatars have the capacity to out live our meaty entity. And with immense choice comes confusion; freshman often display bewilderment asking numerous basic questions upon entering New Eden's fray of fanatical ego maniacs.

But the chokes of choice are acceptable due to the sheer presence choice has in our lives; virtually. Without it EvE Online could be called simply; Space game. At present I find it hard to classify EvE into any assumed pigeon hole. One choice after another, EvE Online spawns an infinite labyrinth of interactions and transactions. It's the defining nature of what we do.

Happy choosing...

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Wonders of the Solar System

There are many planes of experience, particularly where the fabric of the universe is virtually realised. In this documentary the renowned Gallente Physicist; Professor Brian Cox OBE, explains how the universe we experience is subject to the perception of the beholder and their state-of-mind.

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Black Prophecy - A Free MMO Space Game

Whatever your impressions of the new MMO space game; Black Prophecy, it's important to remember that it is completely free to download and play. Black Prophecy is a twitch based space combat, trading, piracy, PvP, exploration, etc; game where you play as one of the waring factions set around many incredibly wonderful vistas of the cosmos. Graphically it is hard to choose a victor between EvE Online and Black Prophecy, as environmental, ship and station designs are very similar in scope and detailing.

EvE Online has always been considered by many as expensive to play. It's also a very hard world to get ahead in, particularly if one is not able to commit vast tracts of real life to the game and, without consistent success it rewards very little in return. But despite it's harsh nature, EvE Online can claim to be the largest game world in existence featuring thousands of systems and a massive singlular persistant world. Black Prophecy is also a MMO space game but rather than entire systems to explore there are sectors, each with their own dangers present and unique visual styles. Due to the twitch based style control mechanics, the game boasts a cockpit view which is an omission CCP continues to ignore.

It's important to note that this type of online game is only possible through legitimate sales of world items in the absence of subscriptions. Upgrades and expansions to your ships capabilities can be acquired by looting wrecks and completing missions, or by simply exchanging real cash for parts. This business model is not entirely new, but I truly hope it works for the Reakktor team as I firmly believe that EvE Online mostly rewards the independently wealthy, or the socially inept with progress in the game world, which seems somewhat unfair tho those of us who have lives to attend or careers to nurture.

Although very early in it's life-cycle, Black Prophecy should become more complex and dynamic like EvE Online, but it's already much more financially viable and thus appealing, should you choose. Black Prophecy is here to serve those who, for whatever circumstance cannot continue to pay for play, but that still want a MMO game that is spacial and special.

Sometime in 2012 there will be a major update of the game world featuring walkable stations and rent-able clan zones. Although EvE Online has for years (feels like decades) been droning on about ambulation, none of this has become playable and indeed may become old hat in the great race for the ultimate MMO space game.

For Years CCP have rested on the laurels of their player base assuming that there is literally no competition, online anyway. But since it's Beta launch, I've witnessed an exodus of curious cats eager to discover a game world that offers as much depth, but without the compulsorily financial drain. Black Prophecy may therefore become a serious threat to CCP's monopoly in this style of MMO game. In truth, competition of this type can only serve to drive forward ideas and development further and faster than before, which usually means better and more diverse games for us all.

Both games offer differing styles of play but equally rich and beautiful worlds to play out your life among the stars. But It's up to you to decide which to play and, if you can't choose, like me, then play both, at will. There's room, I promise.

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The Story of Creation...

Creation is the mother of all destruction. In nature our entire environment, including or very flesh and bone is subject to complete recycling of its base elements during it's existence. This is also true in EvE Online. In New Eden everything is mined, formed and destroyed repeatedly and, because obliteration relies solely upon the graces of the manufacturing minions, it's interesting to observe that it's these very 'creators' that piracy seeks out.

The delicate balance we see in nature is not necessarily true here, some resources return to the void as unclaimed wrecks without reformation, but mainly a kill tends to be looted at least, though not always completely.

Due to the linear flow of cause and effect, our prey has become the instrument of it's own demise. Their modules and ships and missiles and guns make them money and grant power for sure, but surely they know these items will be used at some point to take away that advantage, in the right hands of course.

It would be interesting to know that percentage; of encounters of this coincidence. I'm not unfamiliar to selling back to a victim his appropriated property, a very satisfying occurrence.

A universal assumption is that it is quicker to destroy than create. Necessitating the resolve of either party to do what they must to achieve their goals. Pirates live for the glory of the kill, for the hate mail, our flaming and notoriety. These lusts satisfied by a quick fix of explosive ecstasy until the next encounter, just as a predator skulks.

The remaining community of cosmonauts are clearly disposed to being lower in the galactic food chain, but perhaps more valuable than rats; certainly a greater challenge. But with every mass murder a pirate commits, it's done with thanks for the pandemonium, ferocity and the barbaric buzz of seeing the deconstruction of complexity at it's most sadistic. The habitual yang of the aspired ying of life and death in this elegant yet grotesque macrocosm.

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Tanks vs Spaceships

Down to the rusty, nitty-gritty - a dusty vision...and free to play.

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“Let there be more light!”

As we continue to embellish the planets littering the void with resource plantations, imagine the awe if our control of their respective resources could be visible; visualize a world covered with lights dependant on where and what type of colony is installed upon or above the planets surface(s). Presently the only clear evidence of inhabitants are a few sparse icons viewable only if attempting to install a command centre.

Some planets represent glittering beacons of civilisation amongst the vast void, but they tend to be core systems and usually relate to population density or significance, eg: Amarr home-world.

There’s value to allow colonial pilots to imprint their claim upon a corner of terra firma, a splendid visual recognition of their commitment and accomplishment. This in-turn would produce a visually dynamic landscape with content updated indefinitely, making New Eden more diverse in it's appearance.

With the advancement of space flight and the turnover of resources that brings; there must be a supply chain of industry mining and manufacturing all these elements, much of which must come from the lost minerals of all the settled planets contained within the gargantuan galaxy. High density core systems would naturally have less resources as they have already seen the seeds of industry. Perhaps this effect is-in-fact what's erroneously absent from many planets; the hive of heavy industry plaguing the planet surface. These systems should illuminate; their lights huddled together in vast factories, linked by dusty pockets of faint fluorescence. A distinct difference to the lights visible only from within orbit, identifying the effect as indigenous or colonial.

The idea is subject to perversion; a trait typical of us all. Some may find ways of improper displays of some vile joke, the planet; a giant canvas for insult! One can only hope. There-in lies the problem with pilot created content. But long ago CCP should've realised one critical factor with this type of platform; the greatest asset New Eden possesses is it's community. We enrich the galaxy with our ingenuity and variation and it is this quality that CCP looks to embrace.

Happy hunting…

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Control Freak

The POD's interpretation of our minds will upon the vessel's interface has barely evolved from the monster it bore; tiny tabs and minute buttons. The ability to remain calm under fire is surely very important if the orders of the mind are to be translated effectively through the POD and thus instruct the ship with reasonable speed or accuracy.

Thus the specific use of the ergonomic mouse interface is unwieldy at times. A better preference is the keyboard which is much quicker at translating instructions and negates the need for a high DPI device or a steady flat surface for successful use. One can, for instance, command the vessel no matter the physical position of your avatar – no hard surface required. This method of control then, is purely about tactical decision making and is limited only by the speed of the mind.

The powers that be should look again at the interface and introduce a method of control that does not require the pilot to have precision skills to hit minute buttons within the maelstrom of icons and boxes; the luxury of a large view-screen/high DPI mouse a significant advantage.

There’s already a plethora of programmable shortcuts available to every ship, but they do not include the cycling of targets, approach, orbit, lock, keep at range, warp – mostly navigational commands. I appreciate that many pilots may be content with the scheme as it is, but improvements can always be made. EvE Online must surely be more about decisions based on experience and tactical savvy, rather than the deftness to pilot an icon into a small box to take proper flight.

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Time to Kill...

Running a corporation or an alliance must be incredibly consuming, especially as New Eden waits for no-one. Time; the most precious of all commodities.

I currently run my own miniature corporation; a population of half a dozen, but not to a level which would require my constant presence to protect industrial and territorial assets and maintain the obedience and respect of the group. And although I have also commanded my own gangs in battle I cannot confess to being tactically savvy enough to undertake the responsibility of a full fleet.

There are those that own/manage corporations set amidst the darkest voids in null sec and in our Empires. Their commitment to New Eden’s status quo is surpassed only by the powers that be (CCP). I’d assume these individuals to be independently wealthy or may have some other purpose granting the freedom to commit great swathes of lifetime nurturing their respective clans. The attributes of such individuals must converge on similar grounds, many may already be versed in the art of management and motivation to maintain the vast gaggle of egocentric players, all vying for their slice of fame/respect/fear/loathing.

To kill a CEO is one of my personal goals in this life, and would be an honour. Locating a CEO is easy but combat with such not so, I’d assume many don’t have the luxury to spend their time in the void occupying them-selves by whim, instead they are locked in a prison of their own making, micro managing various abstract interfaces. It’s not something I’d aspire to, although I understand the lure as I understand Miners and Makers.

A CEO’s ALT must be their most valuable asset if their identity is withheld. The ability to pass unnoticed through any non-specific space is something we take for granted, but a CEO of a particularly large/famed corporation/alliance cannot guarantee they will remain unmolested for any length of time if travelling alone. I expect many to use ALTs to lead a separate and completely different life to their main, a taste of the virtual freedom commonly enjoyed by the masses.

It is curious that we persistently relish stress, risk and loss for fun, friendship and faction loot! I have great respect to those elite few whom manage to manage on a daily basis much of the structure found within our galaxy. New Eden’s populace in majority needs leaders, pioneers and those with the courage to make the decisive decisions whether right or not. Without them New Eden would surely be a much lonelier and chaotic realm. Now if only I could find one outside.

Happy (CEO) hunting…

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The Star Trek Legacy

Star Trek is the most successful franchise ever to grace a CRT. Star Trek has a massive worldwide following, and at the time was at the cutting edge of modern thinking when it was first aired. Star Trek's creator; Gene Roddenberry's integrity bucked popular opinion and it's creation made for one of the most important and unique programs of the 20th century. Before Gene Roddenberry's legacy it was unheard of to have a Russian(Chekov) working aboard a predominantly american-esque crew or a black female officer(Uhura) on the bridge of a powerful starship.

Although very dated by today's comparison, Star Trek's special effects were cherished by the millions that watched it and thankfully the tales it told were equally fresh, but after a life span of 3 series, Star Trek as we knew it was finally cancelled in 1969 due to poor ratings and writing.

In 1979 and after immense pressure from the sturdy fan-base; Star Trek was resurrected on the silver screen in: Star Trek; the Motion Picture, still one of my favourite films to date. Many years later and the franchise is still going and growing strong on several media fronts, including an MMO; Star Trek Online.

The quality of Star Trek can be debated many times over. It's clear that the pressure to keep the franchise alive led to some poor choices throughout it's long history, but it's depiction of a tolerant and inclusive universe, the curiosity of the human race to expand it's knowledge is well known and respected.

There are many reasons why Star Trek is still with us and it's Trekkie brand of fans penetrate every facet of the society; their passion for the idealised future will always be a part of our culture. Star Trek is here to stay and is welcome on my screen anytime, even when it's simply appalling.

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Pioneer Space Sim

You may recall my disposition toward an ancient game called Frontier-Elite II. As a representation of our galaxy it was unmatched in scope, ambition and technical accomplishment. However, as our appetite for the visually sublime has snowballed, Frontier has not aged well.

Fortunately I am not the only freak passionate about such a sim and therefore a fan-made version is currently in development. I am pleased to link the alpha version which is fully playable, if a little unstable.

A Venusian sunrise - pressure 13.82 bar.

An ancient valley orbiting a gas giant.

Scoping for a landing site.

It's worth noting that Pioneer uses Fractal mathematics to generate its worlds. A great deal of trust has been put into the equations and it's very effective. There have been times I have been utterly astonished at the visuals produced by this homage. Every world is generated procedurally and it's this approach to simulating the cosmoss which is simple yet incredibly powerful.

A word of warning; as this is an alpha - save often and try not to run much else simultaneously for the best performance.

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Real 3D

Eve Online is a virtual three dimensional game. To remove the 'virtuality' is to bring New Eden into the tangible universe. Aside from spending billions developing a machine that can somehow transplant binary into molecular mass I suggest building with the ancient legendary structure blocks, commonly know as Lego. Sure the craft wouldn't operate as expected without depleted uranium and capacitor, but that is entirely subject to the imagination of the beholder.

Upon enthusiastically raiding the old storage silos, I intend to build a life size Avatar! Now if only I had enough 2erds in yellow...

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Mr Anonymous

With the advent of the new character editor I find myself abstaining from the silly sliders and monotone fancy dress. My choice to remain faceless, driven by the disappointment of losing my carefully created profile picture.

Despite technical reasons I'm annoyed that, after replacing my profile image twice and having to pay extra costs for the privilege, this image is now no longer possible using the fiddly inadequate suite. Whomever made this decision not to represent the same choices of clothes, hair and face as previously possible has seriously undermined mine, nay our right to choose how we look in New Eden.

I was perfectly happy with the way I looked but without the ability to recreate any image even remotely similar has forced me to make this choice to remain faceless. And besides, I kinda like being a ghost anyway, it's sort-of unsettling and may serve a greater purpose than my angry brow ever could. So until such time as CCP decides to grant us with the same choices we were blessed with previously, I will remain as a ghost indefinitely.

Petition: Can I have the cash that I paid to change my profile picture back in my pocket? I await a response, but I already know the answer...

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The Dark Age

Approximately 1000 hours ago my ISP spectacularly failed whilst I was deep in a class 3 wormhole snooping for Sleeper sites. Stranded in hostile space there was no choice but to melt into the void, for now.

But all is not lost as I have a loyal engineer en-route to my vessel, the cloak now severely deteriorating my sense of being, It took my crew 50 hours to fashion a garbled message into the core systems to request assistance from an ally. I have been assured that this engineer will meet me at the predetermined location within the wormhole to repair my vessel; the previous attempt assumed astray.

Once repairs have been completed I will return to the daily grind of grinding grumbling gamers in the virtual void. Did you miss me?

A Welcome Incursion

And so it begins...welcome the children of the Sansha Nation, for they can teach us much of pain and death.

To Infinity; Beyond EvE Online

EvE Online is attractive to me in many ways, but as far as I'm concerned, its glaring flaw is that it doesn't use physical laws to define parameters and create diverse situations or use any part of cosmology to inspire its content. Every single palpable or use-able thing in EvE Online is man-made.

Infinity is as close a successor as I've seen to the most impressive technical game I've ever played: Frontier; Elite II, which simulated the laws of gravity, solar system orbits, it even had stars as big as 100 suns.

CCP could do much worse than take note.

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