Kerbal Space program

I can imagine that, at some point in the race towards the stars by the varying adolescent races within New Edens' technological wastes, the respective engineers would've had to endure many horrors manifested by the deaths of hundreds, nay thousands of brave astronauts whom rode their experimental space crafts into the unknown. The eventual conquering and domination of the stars owes much to these souls and their bravery can be relived thanks this fantastic new launch simulator; Kerbal Space Program.

Still under development but free to download, KSP is a unique exploration of space flight that should be experienced by our community. Technically it can get quite complicated, building a launch vehicle capable of escaping the gravitational pull of a planet contains many hazards to overcome. A real challenge, yet very rewarding once it's mastered. I personally can recommend this program, if only to appreciate the difficulties faced by the intrepid explorers of the early evolution of New Edens' space race.

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