Hadley's Hope

The harvesting of planetary resources is a dull occupation. However, harvest from planets in wormholes and you have the recipe for some profitable harvesting coupled with the raw resource richness wormholes possess.

My reports have been lacking lately due to this new endeavour. I have successfully installed several wormhole colonies producing Viral Agents, Vaccines, Robotics, Consumer Electronics and Mechanical Parts. I have also claimed an island on Sarum Prime 6 producing Livestock; this is now my nest egg.

At the time of writing we're producing nearly 4mil isk per day before costs, although the setup fee was bloated with experiments and came in at around 20mil. This isn't bad at all considering that this income is passive. This is only possible due to the vast resources to be found upon and within wormhole planets. Typically planets in wormholes tend to be saturated with all the minerals used in production lines. In comparison; the Sarum Prime colony is running at 1/3 the rate of my wormhole colonies. I conclude that the best locations I have found thus far for planetary harvesting are to be found within wormholes, taking into account all known, and unknown space.

Before rushing out to claim a stake within a wormhole and get fat, be prepared for the worst. Although the rescources are much greater, actually retrieving the goods from the wormhole can be problematic at best. As a wormhole will dissappear eventually and, if a POS is not installed in the system, an ALT will be needed to remain offline in the wormhole, fitted with a scan probe launcher and a healthy supply of probes. This grants the ability to find an exit to normal space to allow a hauler to find the wormhole then enter and leave with the goods promptly. An ALT with a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II is best as this will allow the ALT to scan and survey the wormhole properly for enemy vessels.

The upside of planetary harvesting in a wormhole is that, although the wormhole is not readily available to access requiring an investment of time and patience, the administration duties can be performed from anywhere in New Eden. This means that the colony can continue to produce until such time as all cargo areas are saturated or the produce can be withdrawn. Even then the structure of the plantation can be altered remotely to increase storage capacity. I have found that it is possible to harvest at such a rate that the final stage of production can barely keep up with the extractors, allowing the final production stage to run constantly, adding to the attraction. In addition to this is the fact that, at the moment no-one can remove or destroy your claim making the risks almost seem worth it

But without the produce from the wormhole, there is no profit.

Happy planet hopping…

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