Homeworld 2

This game is one of the all time classics. Epic battles, resource management, ship upgrades. Missiles, lasers, debris, asteroids, huge explosions and an excellent soundtrack. It even has online play with a strong and dedicated community. Chances are you have already heard of Homeworld 2 but if you haven't played it before and you like EVE Online then it isn't a million miles away from what you're accustomed to.

You can grab a copy from the high street if you look well enough for it or simply order it from E-bay. Prices vary from a few pounds to no more than a tenner including postage.

Because of it's similarity to EVE Online a MOD is currently being worked on, though the developer is a bedroom coder and progress is painfully slow. It does look promising though. Aparently the main developer is concentrating on graduating this summer so hopefully things will move on again soon. The community is literally dying to play this. I also believe there is also a Star Wars MOD out there somewhere too, as well as Gundam(where all your little ships are Gundam suits).

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"Say hello to my little friend..."

Tech II sentries are one of my favourite toys. Quick to deploy ,easy to operate and utterly deadly at the correct ranges. When these drones hit you square you know you're in trouble.

A Nightmare Blast

Behold the mighty Nightmare. My pride and joy, she serves me well. Faction fitted at over 100,000 hp, 1000 dps and 1500 dps active tank. I love her dearly and regularly sacrifice slaves in her honour.

The Worm

After two years of prowling, killing and stealing I've hit a wall. I have spent tha last two months within an abandoned science station hidden within a hollow asteroid I found in deep space. The reason for my abscence from the POD? I needed a break from the void due mainly to the fact that I was starting to feel completely isolated from my senses. This can happen if one spends too long within a POD, flitting from one location to the next without ever stopping for a breath. I was starting to feel uneasy and agitated (more than usual anyway). I was slowly merging into my ship, becoming one of the many systems which serve no other purpose than it's design.

Disconnecting from the POD and thinking as a sole living entity once again gave me a sense of completeness, a feeling of reality. My body felt heavy, my eyes hurt from the flooding of protons from the dim neon lights on the stations docking bay, my mind was able to wander, to day-dream about things that don't concern murder, transversal velocities and capacitor recharge management. It was a welcome change and one which I have decided to make a priority in the immediate future.

I normally don't like to dock at the same place more than once, if at all. My enemies' eyes penetrate every single bulkhead, every face I meet is a potential assassin and it's foolish of me to linger too long. As a result my ships are fitted with emergency repair modules, full of spare parts and food stuffs and I have rations littered all over New Eden within secure cans. This means that I rarely dock anywhere official unless absolutely necessary, but the ability to stretch my legs, to look at the stars with my own eyes, to dream of fantastical possibilities is something that I realise I dearly miss. Not the company of others, no, save for my brethren B13.

During this time I came upon a solution to my problems. A wormhole POS. The beauty of w-space is in it's nature. The 'doors' don't last very long at all and normally appear in random systems every few days. This provides a level of security as they are not easy to find and only the more dedicated pilots can be bothered to scan them down. In addition to this w-space provides the perfect staging point for multiple excursions into virgin systems to explore opportunities of piracy, allowing me to disappear back into the darkness without a trace. For this idea to work however, I will need assistance.

B13 has been a stellar ally over the last few years and I'm sure he would assist me with my endeavour. So I am to re-emerge from the hollow, to contact B13 and plan, to see what exactly I will need to train, appropriate and tow in order to make this idea a reality. It's something I must do before my POD takes too much of me and I become a mindless thug with no sense of purpose. Perhaps this is the answer I have been searching for. Perhaps this w-space is my calling. Only time will tell.

I will also call on the vast knowledge of my former mentor EiD. He is an expert at POS deployment and is always looking for a new challenge, though I fear that CT, my former CEO may not approve of my proposal. He is still nervous at the idea of my Corporation being associated with The I-A and has expressed his concerns when I enrolled my corporation into the Amarr Militia. This may have to be reviewed but first a plan of action must be formulated.

So back to the void, back to my life in the shadows, back to the life I have chosen, but this time a life for which will serve me rather than own me.

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect, great video of how EVE should play. If only the massive planets in the background and the abscense of lag were true...all else is truly acurate and terrifying. Personally I would've blown up the pirates and the miner and looted the wrecks fo my own profit. Each to their own I guess...