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A View to a Kill

I'm grateful that un-docking in New Eden is blind, that is to say that any docked pilot, save for 3rd party intel, cannot observe the local space outside any station they are docked within. This makes for some brave yet ultimately foolish decisions, particularly considering the value attached to the vessels involved, and can, in the correct situation provide an easy kill, albeit usually accompanied by hostile fire of the local station and it's attempts to discourage the unprovoked, relentless attack.

There are rumours that this mechanic may be changed, that the majority consider this a flaw with the stations security protocols and that the safety of individuals seeking refuge in a hostile universe should be a prime consideration in these situations. Inevitably any change to this dynamic would not prevent such prowling as; with nature, a predator will find a solution. Even so, modifications must be carefully considered as perhaps the actual effect of any change may encourage false assumed safety, promoting elevated confidence in the target, only to now be a million miles from the station when ambushed.

This is clearly not the best kill scenario, but it provides a challenge; attempting to obliterate any dumb witted feeble tank in time thus escaping intact with minimal residual attention. Try it, but be slick.

Happy hunting...

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