Heads Up!

Our PODs have problems. Navigating the integral systems is something of a chore. The Jovian interface has seen little revision over the past 500 years and current technology is beginning to feel a little ad-hoc.

I have to believe that ergonomics are currently examining the interface and I trust that improvements are to be implemented. It can’t come soon enough but there is certain to be a period of grace where familiarising ones self with a new interface. Many of us may have intricate designs on the current system where-by any significant change would be met with resentment and bewilderment. I’m not yet decided on whether I want an entirely new system or whether the current dog should be improved.

Those of us who operate dual screens are probably better equipped than most and that a complete redesign seems excessive but intuition appears to have bled from the HUD over the decades. Noobs rarely find the HUD easy to understand and these are the impressions which matter the most because they haven’t had to live with the inadequacies of the Jovian interface and become accustomed to it's flaws. At face value the system needs to be obvious, despite being complicated which is a hard mandate to achieve.

I’m an expert at the current configuration and any redesign would upset my own methods, but I can clearly see that change must occur even if it’s more fundamental than additions or revisions.

“Bring Out Yer Dead…”

I have a secret – quite a few actually. The one I’m sharing is a disturbing compulsion to collect dead flesh. Currently I have over 160 frozen corpses stuffed in a cargo container at the rear of my hangar in my 0.4 safe system. The smell and sight of such a collection of meat is quite horrific and only my janitor dares enter to maintain the catalog and remove any grubs which nibble on the dripping rotting flesh.

I'd commissioned an insulation installation to maintain the corpses below freezing to prevent the inevitable thaw but for some bodies it was a little too late. The gruesome task of removing several soft green stinking popcicles was left to the janitor, as they were loaded into Miss NEXUS's hauler to eject them into the void. The repulsive smell lingered for weeks and my loyal elite slave displayed her mood with insubordination. She was subsequently punished in our own private fashion.

With my recent relocation into lawlessness the bodies have remained in my safe system as I can’t think of a legitimate reason to maintain such a morbid collection of victims. With the w-pos deployment imminent I need to decide what to do with my meaty museum. Perhaps they could decorate the docking ring on the POS as a warning against any rival pirates in the area. Unfortunately I don’t enjoy necrophilia and I have plenty of hat stands, beyond this I’m exhausted for ideas as to the fate of this miserable collection of the dead.

Perhaps they would sell in Jita, anything goes…

Weapon Of Choice

Blazing light slices through the sky as a multitude of beams carve their line of sight through the void. Defences evaporate as the focused energy overloads shield matrices' and melts armour. Tachyon Beams are my preferred weapon of choice.

Many of my ships actually house Pulse lasers because they are actually more efficient at dismantling space craft as they get better tracking and a better fire rate, although their range is more limited. Statistically many may argue that lasers are not the best weapon of choice for many, but they serve my needs perfectly and require very little maintenance.

Ammunition is rarely an issue as lasers require only capacitor to fire. My Zealot regularly blows crystals at an alarming rate and although they are expensive, they are still more cost efficient than using fired ammunition. This also means that precious cargo space is not used for storing thousands of rounds of ammunition meaning there’s more room for loot.

I used to fly Gallente ships although this is very rare that I PvP in a hybrid platform. As Gallente use drones my skills are second to non. The extra DPS gained from training Drone Interfacing to level 5 can be quite impressive, especially on Tech II sentries. I learned early on not to depend on drones for combat however and usually use them as anti-drone work. Drones can be destroyed and are not the best choice for PvP unless you are proficient at babysitting them.

Hybrid weapons can deliver massive amounts of pain onto a target but I found that range was always and issue, not to mention reloading, ammunition changes and supply. In addition to this problem they also use capacitor which is a lot to ask of a pilot.

So I continue to deliver pain by light, injecting my target with photons and heat until they pop! I love it so…

Happy hunting...

EvE Online OST

The music to my exodus. The black wastes beckon me unrelenting and uncaring. I follow without distress, slipping into the darkness once more to become a ghost of the sky...