To Kill a Mockingbitch

Thick and fast come the latest kills. This is surprising as I have been pre-occupied by the creation and administration of my own Corporation. G-H has been set-up to finally deploy my wormhole POS, an idea born from excursions into w-space, but which requires a vast investment of both time and resources. These kills seem to be finding me and that I cannot complain of.

I had a local pilot smack talk me without provocation. She angrily claimed that she knew of me and placed a bounty on my head as we conversed. Unfortunately for her I scanned down this insubordinate fool and warped into a supposed safe-spot on the outskirts of the system.

Surprised to see my ship on grid she attempted to flee, which was strange considering the aforementioned bounty. Her subsequent demise filled me with smug satisfaction. I had never personally insulted the bitch and her personal attack was not warranted, even if she felt akin to a victim of my past deeds, any grievance must be aired from the plaintiff in the court of combat and not from the victims mother! Indeed my bounty has increased, twice in two minutes and will be collected by my servant in due course. Only the pain of death to endure, but Miss NEXUS has become a pro at popping POD's without injuring my naked frail body inside – too much.

I must remind myself that pain is a part of this existence, but every now and then something sweet comes along and makes me grin, broadly.

Happy (bounty) hunting…

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Personal Execution

A day to remember was the successful entrapment and destruction of a carefully chosen target responsible for my own demise a few weeks prior. As mentioned in an earlier report, a pirate outfit managed to destroy my favourite vessel; a command ship by the name of PageraMANTOn. Although this 'accident' was entirely of my own making I still wanted to feel hot blood spatter my face despite running low on slaves. This ship was lovingly assembled from the appropriated wares of several victims and WOOT! loots. Painfully her demise was experienced, but upon cloning I vowed to exact my revenge upon those responsible, or vent my fury in some fashion.

Logon traps are not my repertoire as they require the assistance of many pilots and I usually work solo or in tandem with B13. Using my newest ally; Blake, as bait, the target; a Cerburus was aggressed, trapped and subsequently eliminated from the void with earnest violence, as well as the poor pirates POD. The corpse; a dainty female with no skin, is now a hat stand in my office.

I now feel satisfied that my revenge was exacted, particularly as the kill itself was flawless and the ship in question dropped a plethora of tech II loot as well as CN missiles. I was completely satisfied yet baffled by this drop – who in creation puts such a fantastic modules on such a crap ship? I had thought it must be a counter trap, but nothing came of it, even after waiting the standard 15 minutes for the aggression timer to expire.

I don’t consider the matter closed as the pilots in question were not brought to justice in this twisted court, but the plan worked like a dream. The loss sustained by my enemies corporation at least totals the loss on my part, so with this in mind I would recommend a logon trap for even the smaller kills, if they are important enough to warrant the collaboration of several pilots to execute.

Happy trapping…

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