Space Engine 0.95

Imagine for a moment that every star seen in New Edens backdrops to be an actual star system, each with a system of planets, moons, asteroids, whatever. Now using the 'g' key it's possible to travel to any point within the known universe thanks not only to imagination, but also Space Engine.

The way this staggering volume is achieved is by using procedurally generated elements which combine to create a vast network of intricate detail, on a scale not seen since Pioneer Space Sim (Frontier remake). So there's nothing new about this approach to design, many worlds use purely mathematically created constructs.

But New Eden appears devoid of such ambitions despite being the perfect candidate. Perhaps I'm faithless and should allow myself to accept the way things are. But the more I wander the space lanes I find the environments too contrived and don't betray expectations often. Using maths; natural variation occurs creating surprising results.

Link these effects to environmental damage models and New Eden suddenly becomes a reassuringly dangerous place. Lurking too close to a star causes shield damage, corrosive gases eat away at the hulls of ships. And combinations of environments produce legendary pockets of local survivalists; harsh temperatures forcing ships to compensate their fittings to cope.

Much of EvE Online is man-made. It persistently disregards the wonders surrounding us, which I feel is a shame as, with all things in this world, nature designs in the most creative of ways making all of this possible.

That is simply inspiring.

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