Say "Hello" to my Little Friend

In another life I have a little friend, say "hello."

We've known each other for over ten years and for most of this time I have played the part of a surrogate wife by nagging him to play ball in our great galaxy. I've told him of the wicked wormhole space and shown the hilarious hate mails of my victims. I’ve told tales of Militia Warfare and of massive fleet engagements that lasted hours and raved on the acquisition of faction loot from my poor prey.

Despite all this icing I think the crunch came when he observed the construction of my planetary manufacturing infrastructure, building colonies seems to have monopolised his interest.

At this time 'Blake' has been in New Eden for over 500 hours. As with any Noob he has made many mistakes already, fitted a shield tank to a Punisher and ventured into low sec without proper precautions. The fact that he did not lose his ship makes my tales of pilaging and piracy seem unfounded, but I’m sure his time will come should he continue to travel with wilful abandon, don’t let me down me hearties…

As far as careers go he has yet to make a decision, but he finds himself wanting to become a similar pilot to myself. So am I to become a role-model? That notion disturbs me as I have always entertained myself according to whim. I suppose it may give me a focus, and re-visiting my skill training history may be useful to see what can be improved. I trust Blake will enjoy his stay here in New Eden, as long as he is prepared for the adventure of many, many clones.

Principally he must learn loss; a defining part of New Eden. A pilots first major loss of metal or muscle tests resolve. I'm confident he's of stern stuff and I will assist in any way I can, but odds dictate he will, at some point be pwnd and left naked in the void. If he can retain his enthusiasm I will show him how to kill as a pirate. Firstly one must experience the pain loss causes, and then one can truly understand the pleasure of piracy.

So a warm welcome to the limit Blake, the world is yours…

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