The Most Precious Element... New Eden is time, and it's evil twin; timing. Like a killing antic, combat relies heavily on timing. Capitilised correctly, one can trap an unsure pilot and rescue them from the burden of ownership, or it can alleviate one from the clutches of a hostile blockade, or even prevent the loss of life through quick and decisive conclusions born from the fountain of experience. In this galaxy of infinite violence and scintillating opportunities there's never enough of this commodity; time. As dwellers of a linear existence we all become victims of this cruel mistress; the constant tick tock of time against our will. Maxmising it's affects is king to a common goal of leading prosperous and productive lives in New Eden.

Mechanics may be equally important; a worthy tank or gank set-up goes a long way toward ensuring survivability against a foe, but both elements simply buy time to be used wisely during the art of combat. Wasting time during combat will almost certainly spell ones doom unless ones tank can provide an endless flow of time through hit-points. Some may argue that intelligence is key to victory, that is; intel, and not ones IQ, although this must also be of a minimal level. Even with all the intel in the galaxy at ones fingertips it could still be possible to become a victim if against skilled pilots. With time on ones side it's possible to avoid many harsh situations and with correct timing, opportunities can come quick and aplenty.

I don't believe in luck, I attempt to create my own. This has fabricated mixed results, as I cannot prevent events which appear to conspire to rid me of my fake fortune. So I put it to you; maintain your concentration, be wary of your position and never waste time whilst employed in the terminal altercation of deep space combat or you will fail, epically.

Happy hunting...

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