Snatch Wars

Pure genius!


I’ve conceded creation to CCP - the incarnation of my avatar; Mr NOXx to the captains quarters. I have reckoned the attempt is recognisable enough, but the ability for amendments is not something I have to pay for so I may continue to evolve my image as I see fit. So after 400 years I can finally change my clothes!

I like having legs, to stretch – despite the confinement to quarters. My various craft are quite a sight from the hangar balcony, but do not ‘hover’ in relation to any docking ring inside the station, it would seem that I have the best quarters every-time I enter the station looking straight down the hanger, which is nice, yet odd. With the docking now allowing pilots to infect further into a station interior than before possible, a momentous gentle glide into position is still absent, only the jarring black screen and progress bar then the unwelcome words ‘loading’ (which is typical of New Eden) welcome each visitor, but at least the option to disable the station interior is granted allowing for rapid deployments with no session timer to endure.

Without the interaction of other pilots it feels sterile and desperately void of any life save for my own but this will be addressed in time once the station interior is breathe-able for clones. It will be interesting to see 1k pilots mingling inside a station environment, particularly as this is sometimes problematic in the void.

Still, I relish the walking and sitting(a rare occurrence) and the cyclical view screens, the fundamental design of the quarters and indeed, not much impresses more than to behold the glorious sight of an Amarr battleship, at scale!