Decision Preservation

Regarding the recent revamp of the uber-tanking T1 Amarr cruiser; the Maller, I find myself confused by the theft of the previous incarnation which was apparently securely docked in HQ. Most of these ships involved a personal purchase decision, some for aesthetics and many for ability but despite this freedom to choose, this ‘right’ is not expressed when designs are revised.

I’d like to see the revisions active only from the point of sale/invention of either final product or blueprint, thus all the old hat ships would remain be present in New Eden, but any created after the revision date would use the new model, bestowing a two tier appearance for the vessel. Some may conclude that this may affect the prices of either new or old ships, then so be it, variation is key and choice; desired.

I’d speculate the presence of an asymmetric Scorpion may become a curiosity as it became less common, and may also help establish a culture of preservation for vintage vessels, a luxury akin to faction ships. This new found fame may even affect the role of the ship and its accepted fitting config, whilst adding variation to the ships; short of visible damage, corporate logos or a standard paint job. As I’ve mentioned before; the beauty of New Eden is its vast choice, available to all, big or small, so please preserve the choices we choose; powers that be.

Happy (vintage)hunting…