The Ten Commandments

In every profession there is a code of conduct. Piracy is no exception, although many may be forgiven for assuming that this career doesn’t care much for the rules and regulations that govern lawful society, but even plucky pirates practice politics.

Proving that piracy may be more than groups of thugs whom regularly enjoy blowing stuff up is tough. Although one should suspect that explosions, wealth and laughter at some poor fellows expense are perfectly legitimate reasons why we practice our art.

Code of Conduct Directions
1. I shall kill on sight and ask questions later. This rule is excepted where a ransom opportunity is identified or the target is a member of my owning corporation/alliance/faction. This is excepted where my owning corporation/alliance/faction is NPC.

2. I will distribute any and all assets gained from my activities in any way I deem appropriate.

3. I will maintain a level or professionalism by honouring any verbal and/or written agreement regarding the demise of a selected victim(s) exclusively and/or the destruction of his/her assets with regards to demands set.

4. I will refrain from smack-talk unless the situation requires retort at a level similar or more colourful to that of the abuse offered exclusively by my prey.

5. I endeavour to hunt and eliminate with utmost vigilance, macro-miners where-ever they are identified, including the formation of a method to eliminate macro-miners from Empire space by any means necessary so long as the means are not clearly un-profitable.

6. I will concentrate my attack in full to achieve the objective of destruction with efficiency and without mercy, subject to direction 1.

I may assist pilots I identify who are present in low or null security space due to miss-information or miss-direction. I may also assist those pilots whom I identify as within a temporary alliance with myself or my corporation/alliance/faction to achieve a common goal.

8. I will maintain a secure and stable connection to my POD in the face of hostile forces and/or my certain demise.

9. I will serve my corporation/alliance/faction exclusively by passing on intelligence to my corporation/alliance/faction regarding enemy movements within the space occupied by their infrastructure. This direction is compulsory whilst enrolled within a factional warfare and/or in a state of war. This direction does not require me to obey the laws of said corporation/alliance/faction.

10. I shall operate under the guidance of personal morality and by any or all means available and answer only to my conscience.

Happy hunting...