That pwnd feeling...

...I never lose!!!


A dear friend of mine was lost a few days prior. She’d been with me for a short while and had exhausted my rig fitting resources during her construction, including Tech II rigs. As much as I preach “don’t take into low sec what you’re not prepared to lose” I figure it would be wise to accept my own advice and avoid hypocrisy.

The ship was lost to a plucky party of pillaging probing pirates, and while the battle itself was short lived, my ship did well against the onslaught of no less than seven damage dealing designs. With a mandate primarily for exploring sites, the Absolution was one of my favourite toys.

I don’t feel bitter for the loss, instead I have located the HQ of the pirate corporation and I will take time to stalk their territory for an opportune moment to severely strike from the darkness, so not bitter at all then eh? You know who you are and in the massive scheme of things I doubt very much that you'll read this report so my secret plans and nasty tricks must be secure.

My command ship was obtained from a collection of kills and salvage, manufactured from the grief of other unfortunate pilots whom lost their right to live, for the moment. I guess what goes around comes around, karma is a cruel queen.

So in the spirit of piracy I will exact my revenge upon those involved. But as I'm in danger of being a hypocrite I never said do what I do, just what I say.

Karma, you bitch..!.

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