Pioneer Space Sim

You may recall my disposition toward an ancient game called Frontier-Elite II. As a representation of our galaxy it was unmatched in scope, ambition and technical accomplishment. However, as our appetite for the visually sublime has snowballed, Frontier has not aged well.

Fortunately I am not the only freak passionate about such a sim and therefore a fan-made version is currently in development. I am pleased to link the alpha version which is fully playable, if a little unstable.

A Venusian sunrise - pressure 13.82 bar.

An ancient valley orbiting a gas giant.

Scoping for a landing site.

It's worth noting that Pioneer uses Fractal mathematics to generate its worlds. A great deal of trust has been put into the equations and it's very effective. There have been times I have been utterly astonished at the visuals produced by this homage. Every world is generated procedurally and it's this approach to simulating the cosmoss which is simple yet incredibly powerful.

A word of warning; as this is an alpha - save often and try not to run much else simultaneously for the best performance.

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Real 3D

Eve Online is a virtual three dimensional game. To remove the 'virtuality' is to bring New Eden into the tangible universe. Aside from spending billions developing a machine that can somehow transplant binary into molecular mass I suggest building with the ancient legendary structure blocks, commonly know as Lego. Sure the craft wouldn't operate as expected without depleted uranium and capacitor, but that is entirely subject to the imagination of the beholder.

Upon enthusiastically raiding the old storage silos, I intend to build a life size Avatar! Now if only I had enough 2erds in yellow...

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