The test server Singularity is open to all players and will login even if your account has been suspended on tranquility, so long as your account was active at the time of the mirror of Tranquility.

Singularities purpose is to try out new features, and as a result it will generally be a few patches ahead of the Tranquility server.

Character information is replicated to the Singularity servers on a regular basis, but keep in mind that if your account got created after the last replication, you will not be able to access the server.
Gameplay mechanics and playing environments may be quite different from what you're used to on Tranquility. Here, the world is constantly changing.

Please note that GM support is not available on the test server nor with problems you may encounter accessing it. Enter at your own risk!

To gain access to the test servers, follow these instructions:


  • Create a separate folder for your test client ( i.e "C:\evetest").
  • Copy everything from your original EVE folder (by default locate at "C:\Program. Files\CCP" ) to the new ("C:\evetest"). This step is important, since patching the test client will render it incompatible with the Tranquility server.
  • Go to this webpage to download patches for Singularity.
  • Download the "Download TQ to Singularity Patch" or the Multiplicity one if you are going to test on that server.
  • Apply the patch to the correct EVE installation such as "C:\evetest". You will be promted to point to the appropriate installation folder.
  • Create a shortcut for the new eve.exe file inside C:\evetest.
  • Right click on the shortcut and select properties, then select the Shortcut tab.
  • add  /server:Singularity for Singularity and press OK. Note: This includes entering the 'space' before the '/'
    The final look of the Target line would look something like this ( Different between client locations).
    "C:\evetest\eve.exe" /server:
  • Then double click on the shortcut and log in.

  • Download the Tranquility client: you have already installed the EVE Client, skip to step 3).
  • Install the Tranquility client.
  • Rename your install to "EVE Online TQ" or something of your choice.
  • Install another copy of EVE Online, download the client here
  • Rename that to "EVE Online Singularity" or something of your choice.
  • Go here:
  • Download the latest Tranquility to Singularity patch.
  • Execute it and point it to the install called "EVE Online Singularity."
  • Note that the client you just patch changed name to "EVE Online" again. So, rename it to "EVE Online Singularity" again.
  • Run the client.

  • Install the EVE client using the Cedega installer ( if you've done this already you can of course skip this step).
  • Open up a termninal and do cp -R ~/.cedega ~/.cedegaSISI
  • Edit the following file using your favorite editor ( nano, pico or vi ) ~/.cedegaSISI/EVE\ Online/config
    "Path" = "/home/[your username]/.cedega/EVE Online/c_drive"

    change it to to this:
    "Path" = "/home/[your username]/.cedegaSISI/EVE Online/c_drive"
  • Edit ~/.cedegaSISI/.updater/cedegaUpdateChecker
    if [ -e ${HOME}/.cedega/.cedegarc ]; then
    change it to this:
    if [ -e ${HOME}/.cedegaSISI/.cedegarc ]; then
    then change the line in the same file
    export CEDEGA_PATH=${HOME}/.cedega
    change it to this:
    export CEDEGA_PATH=${HOME}/.cedegaSISI
  • Edit ~/.cedegaSISI/.EveOnline-linux/manifest
    add .testing to the end of the file so it'll look like this
  • Create a game launcher for SiSi
    • Right click on your desktop -> create launcher and set as following
      type : Application
      name: Eve SISI client
      command : /home/[your username]/.cedegaSISI/.updater/cedegaUpdateChecker -GAME EveOnline-linux
    • Then the game config launcher ( eve -config )
    • Right click on your desktop -> create launcher
      type : Application
      name: Eve SISI config
      command : /home/[username]/.cedegaSISI/.updater/cedegaUpdateChecker -GAME EveOnline-linux -config
  • Go to this webpage to download patches for Singularity.
  • Install the test patches
    • Install the patch by starting the new eve sisi config launcher.
    • There click on the "install game patch" button select the patch.
    • navigate to c:/program files/ccp/eve and install the patch.
  • Go to /home/[username]/.cedega/EVE Online/
    • edit games.ini
    • Locate the line "commandlineargs="
    • Add this to the end: /server:
    • It should now look like this: "commandlineargs=/server:"
    • Save and close the file.
    To start the game double click on the EVE SISI Client launcher you created.
If you receive the following error "There was an unexpected error while retrieving patch status. The patchsystem was not able to locate a patch file for the current version. Please try again." you will need to download the proper patch found here.
  • When you install the patch, make sure you update the new client ("c:\evetest"), not the original you use to play on Tranquility.
After the patch is installed you should be able to log on to the test server.
Please take the time to bug report as much as you can. Your feedback is also very important for what features are developed or changed, so don't hesitate to post your thoughts on the Game Development Forum.
Please read the test server rules before logging in. They may be found here.
Useful general information is available here.

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